Saints QB Andy Dalton (12.24.22)


On how the gameplan was different with the wind in each direction:

“For sure. I think when you get to a certain part of the field, you know when you could throw it down the field more versus against the winds. That all played a factor.”


On how big it was to get contributions from Saints RB Alvin Kamara and Saints TE Taysom Hill:

“It was huge, especially when you get into a game like this with the weather and conditions. It was exactly what we needed to happen today. The line played very well up front and gave us a chance with running the ball exactly how we wanted to.”


On throwing the ball in today’s weather conditions:

“I felt like I was able to put the ball kind of where I wanted to today. Obviously, the conditions played a factor in it, but yeah, we had some chances that felt like we could have made and didn’t.”


On the mentality of playing in this weather and battling to keep the season alive:

“It shows a lot of what this team is made of. It is one of those games that we could look back on and say it is a big game in season that got us to where we wanted to be. Like you said, we are still alive so we have to keep controlling what we can control and see what happens from there.”


On the interception:

“When the ball gets popped up in the air, more than likely it doesn’t find the ground, but yeah, it is unfortunate.”


On how big the Saints defense’s interception was with the game tied, 10-10:

“It was big. Then to be able to go down and score a touchdown on that drive and not kick a field goal changed the game.”


On if there was a drastic difference on offense going one direction compared to the other:

“Yes, there was. When you were against the wind, it felt like there was a difference. The way it was today you could go out and feel like there were times the wind wasn’t a factor and then it would gust, and you just didn’t know when the gusts were going to happen.”


On if the wind played a factor on his last throw:

“Yeah it is one of those things that was unfortunate. It felt like it was in a good spot, and at the last second, the ball moved.”


On if it was hard to throw with the wind at his back:

“I think when you are throwing the ball down the field, you have to calculate the wind. That has to play a factor in where you are throwing it. Definitely when you have the wind at your back, the ball is going to travel up farther.”


On feeling a sense of confidence after going down 10-0 that the team could recover:

“Absolutely. I think that is just kind of the mindset that we had going in today. We would do whatever it takes to win. Even though we were down, we went out right before the half and got three points. Then coming out starting the second half strong like we did, it kind of changed the momentum of the game.”


On watching Hill reach the end zone and carry the team offensively in the second half:

“Like I have said from the beginning, he is a big part of this offense. Even his touchdown run, it wasn’t like it was completely clean. Happy to come off the field when we are scoring touchdowns.”


On the Saints giving the equipment staff a game ball and the most valuable contributions it made during this week’s week:

“I think there were a lot of factors that were involved with them getting the game ball. When you come into a game like this, especially being in New Orleans where you are not playing very many games with cold weather, all of the factors, they did an unbelievable job. They had everybody prepared. I wouldn’t say there is one thing they did, but hats off to them because they made our job easy out there.”


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