S Sheldrick Redwine (10.11.20)

S Sheldrick Redwine:

On how he keeps ready for when the team needs him:

“Just preparing everyday like you are going into the game ready for the opportunity. Just diving into the playbook. Just keeping faith in God all the time. Just making sure I study everything. [The interception] was my first one so I am still a little emotional about it.”

On putting in the work to earn and be ready for in-game reps and making an interception:

“It was crazy. That was my first drive on defense this season. I walk onto the field and I was staring at the ball, pointing at the ball and said, ‘I need you.’ For a feeling to just say that and then see that happen, it is unexplainable.”

On the Browns being 4-1:

“It is all coming together. Every week, I feel we are getting stronger as a team. We are coming together and you can feel it around the building. These types of wins, close great team wins, the work we are putting in every week is showing that it is paying off. I just pray through the season that we keep coming together more and more.”

On S Ronnie Harrison and him both getting an interception in their first significant action of the season:

“That was really special. I would not want him to be on the sideline when I caught it. We have talked about it. When we get our opportunities, just making the most of it. Just to see him catch that pick-six, that was an exciting feeling for me. When I heard he went down, he told me it was my time to be up. Just got my mind right. Like I said, when I walked onto the field I stared at the ball – stared at for like five to 10 seconds – and just said, ‘I need you. I need you to come to me,’ and it came to me. It is crazy.”

On if was frustrating that he has not been on the field as much this season:

“No, it was not frustrating. It is just a process. I am a strong believer in trusting the process. Everything is going to happen the way you want it to happen. It is just a matter of time. It just that belief in myself. I never got down about it. Just playing my role until my role expanded. They needed me to come in and play defense, and I came in and I just did what I had to do.”

On the Browns having players like him and Harrison, who have not played as much yet this season, come in and make big plays in big moments and if that shows something special is happening with the team:

“Yeah, definitely. We have a lot of guys who are trusting the process. We are always preparing for next man up. It is a physical game, and you never know when someone could go down. Anything can happen so you have to be prepared. You have study like it is your turn already and like it is already your opportunity. Just keep doing that. There are a lot of guys who are hungry and waiting for the opportunity, making the most of special teams – a lot of guys. I love seeing it. I am a real appreciative guy. Those types of guys, I walk around and tell them, like (RB) D’Ernest (Johnson), the type of situation D’Ernest is in, our lockers are right next to each other and I told him, ‘When our time gets called, we have to make the most of it’. Seeing what he did with 95 yards last week versus the Cowboys and he had a crucial first down today and I had the interception, after the interception, he came up to me and said, ‘We talked about it.’ Looked me dead in my eyes and said, ‘We talked about this.’ To see that type of stuff, it makes me real emotional. I like to appreciate everything that comes to us.”

On having a part of the Browns being 4-1 for the first time since 1994:

“Anytime you can be a part of history, it is a great appreciation. That is a great feeling being 4-1, bringing winning back to the Browns and being a part of that. That is something that no one can take from you.”

On what the locker room celebrations are like after winning games this year:

“Excitement. It is like backyard football. It is just straight excitement. Everybody is dancing. We are just having fun. Grownups but kid mindsets when it comes to winning. We all want to win so when we win, we act like we won.”

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