S Ronnie Harrison Jr. (9.7.20)

S Ronnie Harrison Jr.:

On his excitement to join the Browns: 

“Really just being around a great group of guys. There is a lot of talent on this team. Everybody knows that. From defense to offense, they have the guys that can make the plays. With this new coaching staff, just their energy and how upbeat they are just made me so excited when I first got in here. I am just ready to get to work. I really feel like this is the year we can change things around here.”

On if helping change the culture and create a winning tradition with the Browns is appealing to him: 

“Definitely. I come from a winning background – well, not in Jacksonville – but in Alabama, I came from a winning background. I am definitely trying to get back to that. I have not been on a winning team so I feel like we have the players and the coaches to do that this year so I feel like we can get it done.”

On learning the new system after joining the Browns via trade: 

“Every day in my playbook, like I have been, taking extra notes during the meetings and whenever coach is talking, I am writing. I am constantly adding stuff to my notes and constantly asking guys questions at practice on the field, just trying to eat everything I can up as quick as possible.”

On if he may be ready to contribute in Week 1 and what his role may be: 

“That is on the coaches. I feel like I will be somewhat ready, not 100 percent, of course. There will be some mistakes if I were out there, but it is really based on the coaches. I am just ready to help however I can, whether that be special teams or whatever it is.”

On what he knew about defensive coordinator Joe Woods and how he fits in the Browns’ defensive scheme: 

“He is constantly preaching one man, one gap. He wants to play one high safety. That is what he likes to stop the run. Being in that box that is kind of what I do. That is what lived on being at Alabama and stuff like that so that is kind of my go-to. That fits me pretty well. Playing quarters, you play a lot of split safety and stuff like that, I have done that stuff in the past and at Alabama, as well. Pretty much everything he had done or is doing I have done before. I grew up doing it. I have been playing in this system for years now so I guess that is pretty much why he said that.”

On reuniting with former Alabama teammates T Jedrick Wills Jr. and LB Mack Wilson and Wills’ potential moving to LT: 

“Both guys that have been to war with. We are all battle tested coming from Alabama. We know how to win. We know what it takes to win. We know the process. We have been in tough situations and tough games. We have dealt with it. I feel like being back with them, it is just going to push all of us even more. Especially me and Mack being on the same side of the ball, we will constantly be talking, pushing each other to get better and stuff like that. Even Jedrick, just having another teammate in the locker room, a former teammate, one that he can bounce off of, bond with and stuff like that. I am really looking forward to him making his improvements this year. I know he is working really hard. I am sure he is ready to get to work.”

On if Alabama Head Football Coach Nick Saban ever told storied about the Browns with the Crimson Tide:

“No, no Browns stories.”

On if he felt like he was ready for the NFL after leaving Alabama and if he is ready to make his mark now:

“Yes, definitely. Definitely coming out of college, I wanted to get into the league and I felt like I was ready, especially mentally as far as the playbook and everyday like and stuff like that. Physically, I feel like I have caught up to speed these last two years. I feel like this is the year I can put both of them together and really make something work this year coming in to Year 3.”

On if he felt disappointment when he found out Jacksonville traded him and wondered what he may have done wrong:

“Yeah, every player gets that sense, I am sure. Kind of feel like what happened? Or where did it all go wrong? At the end of the day, it is a business. They have been letting everybody go at the end of the day. Let’s just be blunt. They have been letting everybody go so I can’t really take it too much to heart. I just have to keep moving on with my situation and just make the best out of it. I am glad to be here.”

On if he mainly played SS with Jacksonville:

“No, sir. I played a little bit of nickel. We kind of switched on the strong and free a little, back and forth.”

On if he has an indication of his role in the Browns defense:

“It is kind of hard. There is so much being thrown at me. They kind of just want me to just learn everything and try to fit in. There has been some talk about strong safety and some talk possibly about the dime package. I do not know how soon it will be before we see that. Some stuff like that.”

On if he believes he can bring versatility to the Browns defense:

“Yeah, definitely. Like I said, this is kind of like college so I feel like I will be able to flash a little bit in the box and a little bit of playing deep, being versatile. Especially with the dime-package, that will allow me to get in the mix a lot, around the line, out in space and stuff like that. I am definitely ready. I feel like I can be that player. Just ready to get to work.”

On if he can expand on his tweet yesterday about being on a team where everyone has one common goal:

“Really was just saying just relieved to be out of Jacksonville and just happy to be on a new team. This is a new team. I do not think a lot of people really understand that. With the coaches and stuff all the way down, this is a new team. The players have been here, but this a new team. That is really what I meant with a new common goal that we all want to win. The playoffs is the goal. Coming in and working hard every day is the goal. Just new goals, a new team, that is what I was talking about. I was not throwing shots at the Jaguars or anything like that. Just happy to be out of Jacksonville. Happy to be here. New team. New goal. Ready to rock.”

On if he felt that there was a new energy and winning focus when he stepped into the Browns facility:

“Yes, I actually tweeted that yesterday after practice after my first day in the building. After meeting everybody and just being around the team, that is how I felt. That is why I tweeted like that. It is just how I felt. I was not trying to throw any shots or any shade or anything like that, but I am just happy to be here.”

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