S Ronnie Harrison Jr. (9.24.21)


On what happened on the sideline at Kansas City:

“I would rather not talk about.”


On if he is appealing his fine for the incident in Kansas City:

“I do not want to talk about it.”


On the Browns defense’s dime package last Sunday:

“I just saw that we could do it. Get more safeties on the field, just a way for us to have more of an advantage against the other team. I think it will be great for us moving forward.”


On frequently playing closer to the line of scrimmage last week and if he likes that role:

“Wherever they want to put me. I like playing football so wherever they put me, I am going to play. I think we are going to try to do a little bit more of that.”


On evaluating the Browns secondary heading into Week 3:

“Just improve on turnovers. Just getting the ball. I feel like we can do a better job of that, especially in the back end. Just making plays on the football and trying to get the offense more turns at it. I just want to see us improve on that as the season goes on.”


On if it is still too early to get a grasp on the Browns defense’s potential as the group continues to gel:

“Yeah, I think it is way too early. We are still trying to, like you said, gel and still feeling each other out. Last week was like the first time we had a complete defense, I think. Just trying to take it week by week and just build with each week.”


On S Grant Delpit’s performance last week:

“He balled out. He balled out. He came out there, and he was excited and on fire. It is great to see, him dealing with the injuries and all that he had this past year. For him to come out and contribute, it was just great to see. We are excited to have him.”