S Ronnie Harrison Jr. (8.18.21)

On returning to practice yesterday:

“It went well. First day back moving with the guys. It felt great to get back out there.”


On how much it helps running through mental reps while watching practice:

“It really just kind of slows the game down for me. Just being able to see what kind of mistakes the other guys are making and just being able to learn from it on the sideline from the coaches’ perspective. It just helps me with my game a lot.”


On if he feels like he is behind due to the missed time from injury:

“Not at all. If anything, it probably just helped me out a little bit and gave me a little boost because I was able to focus more on the football side of things instead of my body, and it just allowed me to focus on that.”


On how important Ss are in defensive coordinator Joe Woods’ scheme:

“Definitely, very important. The linebackers are very important, too, but safety, it is a big part of the defense. We have to make a lot of checks and calls, and he depends on us to do a lot of things. It is very important.”


On how much more comfortable he is this season after being with the Browns for a year:

“Way more comfortable. It kind of feels like I have been here for a while now, just being here with this offseason and being able to go through the playbook again and being out here for the extra reps. It just helps a lot. It should be great this year.”


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