S Ronnie Harrison Jr. (11.27.20)

S Ronnie Harrison Jr.:

On Jaguars S Jarrod Wilson:

“Jarrod is a great guy. He is a professional on and off the field. He helped me out from Day 1 when I got there with the playbook and how to conduct myself in the building and outside of the building. A great guy, a family guy. Quiet, to himself, about his work and a hard worker.”

On facing his former team this weekend and if he was concerned following his knee injury last week that he might not be available on Sunday:

“I knew I was still going to try to come back for this game. I already circled this one on the calendar. I am very excited. This is a great opportunity to show what I have with my new team. Just trying to keep it the next game. Not trying to make too much of it and not get too emotional with it.”

On if he is now able to showcase more of his ability with a better understanding of the Browns defensive scheme:

“Yes, definitely. With this week, week by week, I feel even more comfortable with doing what I am doing. I feel great. I am just ready to go out there and make some plays.”

On his initial reaction when learning he was being traded to the Browns by the Jaguars:

“Really, I was kind of heartbroken at the moment just because of how fast everything happened. I did not really know what to expect up here. I just knew it was cold. I knew they had a couple of good guys on offense and they had a couple players, especially on defense, as well. Really, I was kind of shocked in the moment. I really was not even putting too much thought into Cleveland.”

On enjoying his time with the Browns and if the trade worked out better for him than he could have imagined:

“Oh yeah, definitely. God had his hand on this one. It has been great. I could not even imagine a better place or a better fit for me. I feel comfortable, and I like it here.”

On if he initially thought his knee injury might be severe:

“I did not think it was going to be too bad because I kind of knew what happened. The way it was feeling, it was just feeling crazy. The amount of pain I had was unmatched to what I felt before with something like that. That is what kind of scared me a little bit. The injury itself, no sir.”

On if his knee felt OK on the practice field today:

“Yes, I feel 100 percent.”

On if he ever received an explanation for why the Jaguars traded him to the Browns:

“In that meeting that I had when I was informed, they said that they felt that I was the player who they could get the most value for out of the safeties. That is what they told me.”

On the Browns defense playing without DE Myles Garrett and CB Denzel Ward this week and how much he puts on his shoulders this week to make plays with those players out against his former team:

“I put a lot on my shoulders this week. Everybody has been coming to me and asking me all week about different stuff with what they do and what is this player like and what is that player like. I really feel like I am the player and the guy who has to lead the charge, being that I am from there. With those guys being out, especially in the back end, just trying to help in any way that I can – making plays, interceptions, turnovers or whatever it may be and just trying to get the defense started.”

On if the Jaguars are better than their record indicates and why the team may not have as many wins if so:

“From watching the film, I definitely think that they are better than their record and from their schedule as far as the scores. They have a lot of close games. I do not want to say the wrong thing, but I do not know. It may be something with the coaching, upstairs or something – I do not know – but I definitely think that they are better than their record.”

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