S Richard LeCounte III (8.27.21)

S Richard LeCounte III:

On training camp and the preseason and getting a few interceptions:

“I feel great. I am learning the system and learning the plays. Being in Cleveland is a great town. Just feeling back 100 percent healthy. It is a blessing to be here.”


On if he has a nose for the football, given his two interceptions in the preseason games:

“Definitely, man. Good things happen when you run to the ball. Whenever I am on the field, I am active, trying to get around the ball and be the best teammate that I can be.”


On how much of his ability to create takeaways is instinctive compared to preparation:

“Yeah, just instincts, preparation, watching film, being able to be up on my game and being able to know what is coming from the offense. Just being ready. That is the main thing is just being ready to play this game.”


On his relationship with S John Johnson III:

“John is a big brother that I never had. Like you said, staying in the same building with him, I can go up any time. He stays in the penthouse. I do not stay in the penthouse (laughter). He stays in the penthouse. I go watch film with him., go hangout, talk ball, talk life and a lot of things. Like I said, a big brother.”


On if Johnson initiated the relationship with him:

“We kind of gelled. We have kind of the same personalities and I knew about him from LA and things like that. As soon as I saw him, I just tried to be like a sponge towards him and towards the other older guys that I see here.”


On what has allowed him to hit the ground running this year after overcoming a lot during his career:

“Just hard times are what made me the person I am today. Being able to overcome everything that I did in this last year and a half or two years, for me, it has been a blessing. When I am out here, I see every opportunity as an opportunity for me to get better and for me to help the team. As I came to camp, I came to camp locked in trying to prove what everybody else around me knows – that I am able to play on the highest level.”