S Morgan Burnett, DE Myles Garrett and S Jermaine Whitehead

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • S Morgan Burnett
  • DE Myles Garrett
  • S Jermaine Whitehead


S Morgan Burnett:

On Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett’s incredible TD catch in the corner of the end zone against the Rams in Week 5:

“That was impressive. The throw was impressive and the catch, again, two feet down was even more impressive. With this league, you get the best of the best. Even as a player, I am a fan and that was an impressive play.”


On Lockett’s catch almost looking as if the play was by accident, given its impressiveness:

“Yeah, it did. It was definitely one of the top so far, one of the top plays of the year. It is just part of the game though.”


On if he sees similarities between QB Baker Mayfield and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson:

“I think they are different quarterbacks and they bring their different uniqueness to the game. They have their skillsets that they have and I feel like that is why you do not just make it this far without bringing something to the game. I think they have their different skillsets, but they are both capable of moving around and doing damage with their feet.”


On if the Browns have a sense of urgency after the loss on Monday night:

“No, I think it is just a mindset of nobody wants to lose. The thing about this league is you have to have a short-term memory. Whatever happened on Monday night, it happened on Monday night, but you have to be able to flush that out of your system as quickly as possible and move on to the next opponent. Right now, Seattle is the most important game to us.”


DE Myles Garrett:

On Seahawks QB Russell Wilson:

“He is a better passer out of the pocket than when he is in the pocket  When you think you have him corralled, he is able to allude sacks and tackles. He directs traffic, he is able to throw it down field and make big plays. He is also going to scramble and get yards himself if need be. He is the real deal and the complete package.”


On Wilson’s touchdown pass to Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett in the back of the end zone in Week 5 against the Rams:

“That was one of the best plays of the year up to now. Guys have to keep on playing, have to keep on rushing until he is completely down and make sure that you have him wrapped out and you try to get the ball out because if you do not, then he is going to find a way to escape and he is going to find someone eventually. You have to plaster on the back end because you never know. You think the play is over and you have two guys on him, and he slips out and your guy is running free, he finds him, hits him and it is a quick six.”


On defining ‘plaster’ on defense:

“Whether you are playing man or you are playing zone, once the play breaks down, he eludes the rush and breaks the pocket, you plaster to the closest man to you. Whoever the closest receiver, tight end or anybody who is able to receive the ball, just stick to his hip.”


On if the defense has to use the same philosophy playing Wilson as with Ravens QB Lamar Jackson:

“Yeah, but I am also not going to play behind blocks like I did with Lamar, and I felt like I was sitting behind trying to make sure that he was not escaping and I did more of that than I did rushing. That was not very enjoyable for me, and I want to make sure I am doing more rushing of him and sacking than I am just sitting and waiting.”


S Jermaine Whitehead:

On defensive coordinator Steve Wilks preaching that the play is never over on defense facing Seahawks QB Russell Wilson:

“They are in a 3-4 second clock. Once the play breaks down, that is usually when the play actually starts. Those guys get to scrambling around. Some guys come back to the ball. Somebody will go deep for the ball. He is able to connect with each one of those guys on different plays. (Seahawks WR Tyler) Lockett has been an outlet for him in that area as well as the tight end (Seahawks TE Will Dissly) and (Seahawks WR DK) Metcalf. They bring a lot to the table outside of the first three or four seconds of the play.”


On if Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett’s touchdown reception in Week 5 against the Rams is the perfect example for the ‘play is never over mentality’:

“Right, that is definitely one. (LA Rams S Eric) Weddle did all that he could do on that play and just for him to extend it to the very edge of the field and connect. That play just shows how great of an arm and quarterback and he is.”


On defending extended plays and the unpredictability of them against Wilson:

“We come to the game wanting to anticipate those situations. We do not plan to take a second off or looking back at the quarterback and a guy is getting away from us. We plan on having our eyes on our guy and our eyes on our work. We play until we hear the echo of the whistle.”


On trying to break Wilson’s streak of games without an interception:

“There are opportunities for it. He definitely gives us opportunities to make plays on the ball with him scrambling like that. He definitely takes some chances, and they win a lot of those chances. He believes in his guys on the 50-50 balls, but I think we have some talented DBs in our core in our room that can go up and compete for those balls in that moment.”


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