S Karl Joseph (4.13.20)

S Karl Joseph:

On it taking time for the deal with the Browns to be announced and the process to complete his physical during these times:

“The physical is still to be handled right now with the whole situation going on in the country right now. My agent and the Browns were able to work something out to where we were able to finalize the contract, which I am excited about. We will handle the physical later.”


On his injury last year and his status now:

“It was a foot injury. It is feeling great. I had surgery back in November. I am close to being back fully healthy now. I am feeling good. I am on the right track. Everything is looking good right now. I had a post-offseason meeting with my surgeon back in February. He said everything was great. We are just working my way back to 100 percent right now.”


On if he believes that he was playing close to the best of his career prior to the foot injury:

“I think I was definitely starting to gain a lot more confidence. I do not think it was just me. I think it was our team, as well, and the guys around me. We were starting to play real good ball together, and it all was starting to come together. It was not just about me, but I did feel like I was starting to come on my own and get a little bit more confidence out there on the field. It sucked to have my season end like that because I wanted a lot more out of it. We had big goals for the playoffs and everything like that like we spoke about the beginning of the season. Sometimes it does not always work out how you plan it. I am grateful for the opportunity that lies ahead right now. I am grateful to be a part of the Browns, and I am looking forward to it.”


On finalizing his contract with the Browns with his physical still pending:

“The plan is to hopefully [complete a physical] when things calm down or when we get the clearance to be able to get to a doctor or a physical set up, wherever I may be whether it is back home or hopefully in Cleveland to get that done. We were able to finalize the contract and I was able to sign to just kind of get everything official until then. From my understanding with what my agent and the front office were able to work out, we will handle the physical once things calm down and once we get the clearance from the league.”


On deciding to sign with the Browns:

“I told my agent from the beginning of this whole process that for me, money was not the most important thing. I loved my time with the Raiders, but the most important thing for me was just going to a place where I felt I was wanted and needed and that was going to give me an opportunity to be myself and really maximize my full potential. I felt like Cleveland offered that to me. Speaking to (Executive Vice President, Football Operations and General Manager) Mr. (Andrew) Berry and all the coaching staff, it seems like they have this energy about them there, ‘Coming in to try to change things around and win, and I am going to be excited to have you be a part of the team.’ That was the biggest thing for me. It seemed like there was an excitement about it and the new staff, and I just felt like I was wanted. I think everybody wants to have that feeling to feel like they are wanted and wanting to be a part of something. I felt that once I spoke to the front office.”


On what he offers the Browns and if he can compete for a starting position:

“That’s the goal. I know there is going to be competition. I think the team has a lot of talent already. I think we also made some great signings this offseason. Another reason I wanted to come was knowing how much talent the team has and the potential for the team, the growth and everybody already they have in place there. Like I said, it is a talented team and I think the thing for us is to take the next step. Even though I want to come in and contribute all that I can, hopefully, my goal is to win the starting job and help the defense out the best way I can. I think I am a versatile player. I am physical. I am all about ball. I love playing football. I think that the biggest thing for me is that I bring to the table is somebody who will compete and bring that leadership mentality to the defense. I am just all about ball. That is the biggest thing.”


On his mindset after signing a one-year contact:

“I see it as an opportunity. It is a great opportunity that lies ahead. For me, it is kind of a prove-it deal. Sometimes you have take [measures] to show your worth so I think that is my mindset. My mindset is not thinking I am on the one year. My mindset is to go ahead and do my job to the best of my capability and help this team wins games, and hopefully, we can work out something long term. I am not looking to be one year and out. Part of choosing the Browns was also going somewhere where I felt like I would be able to grow not only on the field but off the field and in the community, as well. I think that would be a great opportunity in Cleveland.”


On if he is more comfortable playing close to the line of scrimmage at SS or if he can play both SS and FS:

“I think the cool thing about playing in the defense I came from in Oakland is I played both. I think some people say I am pretty good at closer to the line, but I take pride in knowing I can do all of it. I think whenever I played strong or free in Oakland, you had to be interchangeable. Sometimes, I played free and sometimes I played strong, but I am pretty comfortable in either position. Wherever coach is going to need me, I am going try my best to deliver.”


On essentially swapping teams with Raiders S Damarious Randall during free agency:

“Hopefully, it works out better for the Browns than it does for the Raiders. That is my mindset. I think it was pretty cool. We will see what happens this season. I am excited about this opportunity with the Browns. Hopefully, it works out better for us.”


On if he knew much about defensive coordinator Joe Woods before signing with Cleveland:

“Not much. I remember meeting with him coming out for the draft back in 2016. He was back with the Denver Broncos. I remember meeting with him, and we had a conversation these past couple of weeks. I am excited to be a part of his defense. I liked him coming out when I met him back in Denver. I am excited to learn from him and see how I can be in the defense.”


On how much he is able to run and workout following his foot injury and if he is able to get the workouts in he desires with restrictions related to the coronavirus:

“I am doing what I can with everything that is going on right now. I am working my way back to running and cutting back on the field. I am getting close back to that point. I think us having this time off now is going to give me a lot more time to be back to 100 percent by the time we hopefully report, whenever that is – training camp or whatever. I will be 100 percent by then.”


On if he was ever concerned the deal with the Browns might fall through, given the time that passed prior to an official announcement:

“I was never worried about that. I knew there were certain things that had to be worked out with my situation and the injury that they wanted to get a physical and everything worked out. I knew that I was committed to the Browns and I was pretty sure that they were committed to me, as well. I was never worried that anything was going to fall through. It was really about getting everything finalized and working out the language in the contract with the physical and everything like that. Like I said, once I committed verbally, I knew that is where I wanted to be. I wasn’t really worried about anything like that.”


On if he has any sense of nervousness about the deal with his physical still pending:

“No, I don’t think it will be an issue. I am pretty positive that I will be fine whenever that is and whenever they give us the clearance to do that. Moving forward, I am 100 percent positive that I will be fine with the physical. I will pass it.”


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