S Juston Burris, CB T.J. Carrie and CB Greedy Williams (9.23.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • S Juston Burris
  • CB T.J. Carrie
  • CB Greedy Williams


S Juston Burris:

On if expected to play as much as he did yesterday when he was claimed Friday:

“Yeah, when my coach called me on Friday, he told me I was going to play a lot. I did not know it was going to be that much, but he told me.”


On returning to Cleveland this weekend:

“It was great. I fell in love with Cleveland when I first got here. It was just great timing. Great timing of how everything shook out, and I am just glad to be back.”


On how crazy it was for his first game back in Cleveland being on Sunday Night Football:

“Primetime. Coming into this league, that is when you want to play. You want to play in those primetime games, and I was glad that my first game was a primetime game.”


On how did it feel to have an interception on that type of stage:

“I just wanted to do it for my teammates. We were fighting so hard. We wanted that. I just wanted to put us in the position to be able to go down there and win it.”


CB T.J. Carrie:

On the Browns defense’s performance yesterday, given the number of starters out:

“Very proud. I think we have a lot talent within our defensive room, period. For everyone to be able to step up and play to that capability last night was somewhat not out of the normal for us because we pride ourselves on being able to go out there and win the game on defense. For our players, we kind of all looked ourselves in the mirror and said we are go out here, have a good game, have fun, make plays and see where the chips fall.”


On if it is easier for him and CB Terrance Mitchell to contribute at that level, given they started many games last year:

“I think the way you look at yourself in this league is that you are always a starter. The injury rate is so high and there are so many things that go on within this league, you always have to look at yourself as a starter. Definitely, me and T Mitch being able to have the experience and the knowledge of being able to play within that back end, it definitely helps a lot, but I think we pride ourselves on perfecting our craft every day and just anticipating when your name is called to go out there and perform to the best of your abilities.”


On what last night game’s did for the Browns defense’s confidence:

“Confidence is definitely really, really high. Still some plays we left out there that were big game-changers within that game. We are still looking within ourselves to see how we can improve individually and just schematically from a standpoint of how can we put the game in our hands and we are up 13-10 not to allow our opponent to score again. I think we really looked at ourselves as we corrected the tape and just find some things that we can fine tune for next week.”


On plays that the Browns defense left on the field:

“Definitely a couple of the red zone plays that we definitely could have played ourselves into a better position from that standpoint. More turnovers. There were missed opportunities. Plays that we had looked at throughout the week that we said when we got those looks, we were going to be very aggressive and we did not take advantage of that. Putting our offense in a better field position. When we get the fumble recovery, we work on blocking and who we should block so that we can score on defense. Scoring on defense is a big part of this game. When you score on defense, most likely, you have a better chance at winning.”


CB Greedy Williams:

On getting ready to play in the Sunday night game and then not being able to participate due to a hamstring injury:

“I was definitely ready to get going for this game. It was a big game, Sunday Night Football, everybody watching. Like I said, I was pumped up for it. Got something thrown in the way in front of it. Right now, I am just trying to process right now. Getting back, getting my hammy back. Just working on that every day.”


On this week’s practice:

“Like I said, I just started running today. It is a process so we are taking it day by day and just easing my way back in.”


On if there is anything different he can do to help prevent this type injury in the future:

“Yeah, most definitely. Doing a lot more stretching than I was doing. Getting a lot more massages than I was getting. Like [CB T.J. Carrie], he pulled a hammy in training so I went up to him and asked him how he recovered from his injury. He gave me a lot of steps on what he did and the extra things he did after treatment. Just taking his footsteps and getting back to 100 percent is one of the goals right now.”


On the difficulty not being able to play yesterday:

“It was very difficult. I have never missed a game in my life. Then boom, I come to the NFL and missed my third game. It was very difficult. I was just telling my coach, ‘Man, it is really eating me up just missing my first game.’ I am just ready to get back out there.”



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