S John Johnson III (9.23.21)


On if there is extra energy with the potential for WR Odell Beckham Jr. to return this week:

“I think so. That is just a weapon. I feel like just him being out on the field, his presence is enough. Even if he is not taking every single snap, I think him being out there is still going to threaten the defense. It is a little exciting, and hopefully, but we will see.”


On the challenge Bears QB Justin Fields presents and if it is similar to preparing for Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes:

“Mahomes, he has more experience, but anytime you play a young quarterback, you want to try to give him different looks, try to move around and try to muddy up his picture. Just from a pure quarterback standpoint, you do not get drafted that high for no reason. He is a great arm talent. He can extend plays, like you said similar to a lot of quarterbacks in this league. I think the biggest goal is to just make his process before the snap a little difficult to see things.”


On the Browns defense’s progression:

“I think we are moving in the right direction. We just have to find our rhythm. Guys have to be out there together, and we have to play off of one another. Everyone has to really lock in and do their job. Each one-11th has to do their job. I think we are moving in the right direction.”


On opponents converting 63 percent on third down and how to improve:

“You just have to understand the situation. Every team has a menu. Say it is third-and-2-6, they are going to run a certain type of play. Third-and-7-10, they are going to run certain types of plays. I think we really just have to lock in on what the team is trying to do to attack us that specific weekend. I think as we move on, we will get better with that, and I think we ultimately will be great at that.”


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