S John Johnson III (9.16.21)


On if he grades Sunday’ game against the Chiefs ‘on a curve’ since their offense is so talented or if he is still hard on himself in the evaluation:

“We have to go out there and be the best versions of ourselves that we can be. No matter who the opponent is, you never want to play to the competition. You kind of want to just be the same team every week and get better every week. Definitely want to grade it against us, but you do not want to let a team beat you twice, meaning played that team last week, leading into this week, we have to forget about it, move on and get better.”


On positive takeaways form Sunday’s game at the Chiefs:

“We played fast. We played physical. We definitely gave ourselves a chance to win. You do not want to give up that many points or that many yards, but I think there are definitely some highlights from that game. We tackled pretty well. There are definitely a lot of things to get better at.”


On sustaining cramps during the second half and returning to play and if the Browns being shorthanded at S provided additional motivation to come back into the game:

“I tried to go [into the locker room] when the offense was out on the field. Unfortunately, we fumbled so we got back prematurely, but I think it was just two or three plays that I missed or maybe more. I tried to get out there as fast as I could.”


On it being a physically taxing game on Sunday, particularly with the weather conditions:

“Week 1 is always kind of tricky. It was kind of warm out there. I thought I did a good job during the week of hydrating and stuff like that. Honestly, I think it is like the socks that we have to wear. The NFL mandates you have to have your legs covered up, and I think that kind of plays a part in it. I do not know. I might be wrong. You just have to be better during the week of hydrating and before the game of hydrating.”


On if there is any way to fully recover from cramps during a game once sustaining some at one point of the game:

“Definitely after the game, I still felt it. I tried to get the fluids and tried to roll out, but my calves were still kind of tight. It is just part of the game.”


On the Texans offense seeming to be completely opposite of the Chiefs and if that ‘captures the defenses attention more than anything’:

“This early in the season, I think you just want to play physical and out hit your opponent and build that brand of football and that toughness. Scheme is going to be scheme, but definitely have different personnel. The type of players that they have is a little different, but I think it is just an out hit week for us.”