S John Johnson III: (6.8.22)

On continuing to gain comfortability in the defense: 

“I think so. It is still early. We are still installing stuff, just trying to become masters at what we really do, our bread and butter stuff. That is really what OTAs are about. We have thrown a few wrinkles in there, but I think when it comes down to game planning and stuff like that, that is when we can get a littler versatile and start moving things around. Right now, just trying to be masters at what we really do.” 


On DC Joe Woods putting more on the defense’s plate in 2022: 

“Absolutely. Just like the stuff we wanted to do last year, we had mistakes and blown coverages. The harder stuff to master, that is what we are working on. The simple stuff is easy. We have been doing that since Day 1 last year. Well, at least I have. Guys before me, they have been doing it for three years now. Just the stuff we had trouble with last year, we are trying to master the more complex stuff.” 


On QB Baker Mayfield and if the team has ‘mentally separated’ from him: 

“Mentally separated? I mean, obviously, you look at the roster and he is still there. He is not present here, but I think it is just a business. I think we all understand that now more than ever. We have three quarterbacks here now, so it is kind of leaning toward him not being here. II would not say we have ‘mentally separated,’ but we are kind of prepared for him to not be here.” 


On how difficult it is to not focus on outside distractions: 

“It is tough. Any time you have something going on away from the building, off the field, you never want that to leak in to the building. Once we cross these lines on the field, once we step into this building, it is Browns football and it is work. Like I said, a death in the family, any off-the-field issue, you never want to see a guy going through something. We have to bring him (QB Deshaun Watson) in as a teammate and we are just going to keep pushing. Once we step in the building, we are in the building.” 



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