S John Johnson III (12.9.21)

On what the Browns defense will do to prepare for Ravens QB Lamar Jackson again on Sunday:

“Go back, look at the tape, see what we did well and try to do that again. See what we did poorly, try not to let that happen again and just go from there. If everyone runs to the ball like we did last game, I think we will be just fine.”


On if he is seeing anything different from Jackson on film in recent weeks, given the increased interception numbers:

“I think it is just forcing him into situations where he has to drop back and throw the ball. He is electric with the ball in his hand. That is not hard to see. I think winning on first and second downs and getting into those third-and-long situations, I would not say he is forcing the ball, but you want him to throw the ball into those tight windows in those situations. I think it is just winning on first and second downs and getting into passing situations.”


On planning to defend Ravens TE Mark Andrews:

“Someone literally today told me that all four of the turnovers came on his targets. Like I said before the first week, knowing he is the security blanket, that is where he wants to go with the ball between him and No. 5 (WR Marquise) Brown. Those are his two biggest targets, and I think just knowing where he is at all times and knowing he is trying to get him the ball and just making plays on the ball.”


On if everyone on the Browns defense covered Andrews at some point during the first matchup:

“We just wanted to run our system and our gameplan, and it just so happened we all made a play on the ball. I am glad we capitalized on the opportunity.”


On Jackson using Andrews as a frequent target:

“I think all across the league, the tight end is like the quarterback’s best friend. They are a big target, big catch radius and they can get mismatches a lot so it is not a complete surprise that is his favorite target. We just have to understand that where he wants to go and that is where he has been going, and play off of that.”