S John Johnson III (12.7.22)


On the Browns defense’s success against the Bengals and Bengals QB Joe Burrow in the past two years:

“I think it is just like a division game. They are all tough every division across the league, and that is one game that we want to show out. They have talkative guys over there so it is kind of like a competitive matchup. As football players, you want to compete so that is like a prime matchup, and we enjoy it.”


On if the Bengals having one of the strongest WR corps in the NFL helps motivate the Browns secondary to rise to the occasion:

“Absolutely. Like I said, it is all about competing. They are a competitive group. They want to get the better of us, and we want to get the better of them. There is always a prime matchup and looking forward to it.


On if he believes in the mantra that ‘turnovers come in bunches’:

“One hundred percent. I can’t explain it, but like sacks they come in bunches and turnovers they come in bunches. We had a few last week. We will see if we can get some more this week.”


On if he knew his feet were in bounds on the interception last week that was initially called an incomplete prior to the Browns’ challenge:

“I got a good look at them when I looked down. It was more of if the ball hit the ground when the tight end had it, I think, is what they were reviewing, but I am pretty sure I get my feet in.”


On why the Browns defense matches up well against the Bengals offense:

“They like throwing the ball. They don’t hide it. They don’t a lot of motions. They just line up and say, ‘We are going to beat you.’ I think that is when we are at our best when we can just line up one on one and win your matchup. Like we said, in the past we have done a good job so we have to keep it up.”


On what has led to the Browns defense’s improvements in recent weeks:

“I think it is just a mindset. It is just 1-0. We want to win each week, forget about what happened before, don’t worry about what is ahead of us and just win where your feet are and focus on getting 1-0 and getting a win that week. I think that is what we have really been doing.”


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