S John Johnson III (11.4.21)

On what is happening inside the building related to the situation with WR Odell Beckham, Jr.:

“On defense, I feel like I do not know too much about it. I could easily open up Twitter or something and do what everyone else is doing, but it is just something we have been dealing with. Hopefully, we can get him back if that is possible. That is just my opinion on it. If not, we have to carry on. We have a big game coming up and another division game so that is what my mindset is – just get ready for this week.”


On if the Browns locker room is divided right now due to the situation with Beckham:

“I do not feel that way. I do not get that vibe. I just feel like as a competitor and as a player, you want to see your guys have success. You want to see your guys do as well as they can. When that does not happen, you obviously feel a certain type of way, but I do not think it is dividing the team in any type of way. I just feel like we are a hard-working bunch of guys. Like I said before, if there is any way that he can get back I the building, I will be tremendously happy, but you just have to move forward.”


On how the team has managed the situation to not let it become a distraction:

“I think we had a good day of practice yesterday. I think this walkthrough was just a great walk through we had. I do not think it is much of a distraction to us. I really did not even know anything until yesterday morning. I feel like most of the team was in that same boat so I do not think it is too much of a distraction. Like I said, we have a big game, a division opponent, and we are really locked in on that.”


On if he was surprised by the situation:

“Yeah, I was a little surprised, just not seeing it before. Usually, it is like disciplinary reasons that some is not here. Like I said, I do not even know the true reason why it happened. I think it was a surprise, but it is the NFL. Things like that happen all of the time so we just have to keep pushing.”


On if he watched the video posted to social media by Beckham’s father:

“I did not.”