S John Johnson III (10.19.22)


On if the Browns defense looks at film from last season’s strong performances against the Ravens:

“100 percent. 100 percent. That is the level that we want to play at. We did a lot of good things like you said so you definitely want to take note of some of those things and try to replicate it this week.”


On challenges defending Ravens QB Lamar Jackson:

“He is just a dynamic guy with the ball. He has been that way probably his whole life. Every level, he has dominated with the ball in his hand, and that is running and passing. I just think he is one of one in this league. Very elusive. Very sudden. I just think you have to have 11 guys running to the ball to contain him.”


On balancing the defensive approach to Jackson’s running and throwing abilities:

“Definitely at the safety position, you just have to play everything true. Like I said, he has been throwing it well, too. It is not like you can just run down to the ball. Once the ball passes the line of scrimmage, like I said, it has to be all 11 to stop him. You definitely have to play it true. He is not one of those guys where you can just forget about the pass because he will throw it deep, too.”


On what worked well with the Browns defense when defending Ravens TE Mark Andrews last season:

“I think it was just being aware of where he is at all times. He lines up in different places. We went over the targets and the numbers he had on us last year, and they were clear as day that they want to get him the ball. Even this year, he is featured the most. Just be aware of where he is. It has to be like a ‘spidey-sense’ of where he is and know that they want to get him the ball. I think we understood that last year. We are going to try to do the same this year.”


On if where Andrews lines up determines the coverage and personnel defending Andrews:



On the Browns defense ranking 31st in the NFL despite the talent on the unit:

“Like I said, the numbers are going to be the numbers. Obviously, we want to be the best. We are far from that right now, but what is most important is winning. We have two games coming up division games. I think if we win both, we will be in first place. As bad as we are playing, that is the big picture, and that is what we are trying to focus on.”


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