S John Johnson III (10.18.21)

On how to help get the Browns defense on the same page with the short week after some miscommunication yesterday:

“Definitely watch the tape. Clean it up. It is kind of like the same thing. A lot of times it is split-safety coverages. I do not think it is communication. I think it just like trusting your technique and trusting what you see, but it is easy fixes. We can’t keep doing that moving forward in the season. That was a good offense, and we got tested. It is an easy fix. We just have to move on from it.”


On if he feels like he could do more for the Browns defense, including if used closer to the line of scrimmage more often:

“The role that I was given, I am just trying to be the best I can be at it. I do not think schematically I should have any changes or offer up any advice or anything. I am just trusting in what I can do, doing my best and providing for this team.”


On the impact of LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah’s injury and how Owusu-Koramoah was progressing:

“He was coming along really fine. We had some blitzes in just for him. We had some packages in where he was the only linebacker on the field. He is definitely a big part of the defense, but other guys just have to step up. You have to give (LB) Anthony Walker (Jr). an opportunity and (LB) Mack Wilson (Sr.) an opportunity. We have a lot of guys in the linebacker room who can really play. I think it does take some speed off of us. He is just one of those guys who runs all day and hits everything that moves. It will definitely be a big loss, but we have the guys in the room to cover for him.”


On how tough a short week is for a team and if this one is tougher due to the number of injuries the team has sustained:

“Short weeks are very tough. On a regular week, it is tough preparing for a team and having a couple of days to get ready. I think we have pretty much today and tomorrow and I imagine Wednesday will be super light so we really have like two days, and today is coming immediately after the game so it is really tough on the body but also mentally. I think we have the right guys in the building to get ready for a game. Luckily, it is at home so that is a big help. We just have to get ready and prepare for it.”


On RB Kareem Hunt sustaining a calf injury yesterday and how hard it is to see a player like Hunt who plays so hard sustain that type of injury:

“I just saw him during the week trying to do everything that he could to get ready for this game. He probably could have sat out or probably should have sat out – he was kind of banged up coming into the game – but he is a warrior. He went out there and gave us everything he had. It is definitely a big hit for us, but we are just thankful for everything that he did. Hopefully, he gets better soon. He does exemplify what the Browns are: tough, physical and relentless. I just hope he gets healthy soon.”