S John Johnson III (10.12.22)


On the potential for two Browns defensive players to return from injured reserve and contribute on defense:

“If they can help, they can help. Getting new guys that play high-level football is always a good thing. Hopefully, they are ready to play on Sunday. If not, as soon as possible.”


On why the Browns defense has struggled in recent weeks:

“We said in the leadership meeting, it is not really too much to panic about. We just have to do our job a little bit better. I think that is what it is. We have the big crazy busts out of the discussion now. It is just kind of like locking in and doing your job a little bit better. We don’t have to be superhuman effort. It is just everyone doing their job just a little bit better. We need more out of everybody.”


On if the Browns defense has identified the issues and simply needs to execute the plan to improve:

“I think it is safe to say it is not a mystery or anything. I think we just have to execute at a higher level, and I think that is what it is. It is really not knowing what to do. It is just kind of like understanding why and how and doing it at an extremely higher level.”


On how the Browns defense understands what needs to be done better:

“Just more time in meetings. More time studying. More time asking questions. More time leaning on one another and making sure everyone knows what they are doing.”


On if the Browns are preparing for the potential for Patriots QB Mac Jones to play on Sunday:

“We are preparing for him. I don’t know his status or anything like that. Not really looking that deep into it, but you have to get ready for him.”


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