S Grant Delpit (9.29.21)

On the Browns defense’s dominant performance against the Bears last week and what the unit needs to do moving forward:

“Next week, take the next step. It is a building block. It is something that we can build off of. Just doing that every week and trying to get better and better. Meet the same goals that we go into the game with that week.”


On if last week’s performance was a bigger building block for the Browns defense, given the dominant performance:

“Yeah, it shows our true potential, but it is the NFL. Every week is going to be different. Every week, you have to come with the same mentality. We can’t get content. We have to keep it tight.”


On the difference when playing against a seasoned veteran like Vikings QB Kirk Cousins:

“A big difference comes with experience. Cousins has been in the league for a while, and he is a great quarterback. We have nothing but respect for those guys. We are ready to come out and just play Cleveland Browns defense.”


On Vikings WR Justin Jefferson:

“He is great – great routes and great catches. He is a great overall receiver and one of my best friends. It is going to be fun playing against him, but it is competition when you get on the field.”


On if he had some competition on the practice field with Jefferson at LSU:

“Of course, all of the time. We made each other better. He is a really good receiver.”


On DE Myles Garrett’s performance last week:

“I did not even notice he had 4.5 [sacks] while we were playing until they showed it on the big screen. He is a monster. I love to have him on my team. I thought he had less. I did not know he had 4.5. That snuck up on me.”


On if he senses Garrett can still do even more despite seeing an impressive 4.5 sacks by Garrett last week:

“Yeah, just because of the opportunities. Myles plays every down with a great motor and plays come to him because of that. That is inspirational for me to see the way he works, see what he puts into his craft and see how plays come to him. If everybody has that mentality, we are going to be great.”