S Grant Delpit (9.20.21)

On his blitz that resulted in a sack-fumble:

“It was a great call by (defensive coordinator) Coach (Joe) Woods. Just came clean off of the edge. It opened right up. I should have gotten the ball myself. I did not know the ball popped out to be honest with you. I just tried to get a good clean hit on him [Texans QB Davis Mills]. It was just a good play by the defense.”


On if he has always been a hard hitter:

“It is kind of hard to see if somebody can tackle like that in practice with me not playing last year. I am glad to be able to show what I can do out there.”


On finally playing in his first NFL game after everything he has experienced in the past year:

“It felt great being out there. It felt good. It had been a little minute since I last suited up and stepped out there. I am glad I was able to be out there for my team and just blessed by God really. It has been a long journey. I am glad that it has started like it has. Hopefully, we keep it going through the season.”


On the dime package with three Ss and what makes it difficult for opposing offenses:

“We have a lot of calls where we open up and play dime package. With three safeties on the field, there is a lot of speed on the field so it allows us to do some more things. Any call, we should feel comfortable with the personnel out there, but it is a good package.”


On if he ever had doubts about being able to play and have big moment in a game after battling injuries over the past year:

“It was definitely aggravating with the hamstring. The Achilles was what it was. That was a long process. With the hamstring, it was on the same leg. It was definitely aggravating, but the training staff got me right. They helped me Week 1 a lot. I definitely wanted to play, but they wanted to just make sure that I was completely fine, which turned out to be the best decision. I am glad for everybody who has helped get me where I am. Hopefully, we just stay healthy this season and continue on this track that we are on.”


On if he likes being used all over the field like what happened in yesterday’s game:

“Yeah, definitely. Versatility is one of the best tools you can have as a defender defensively so anywhere Coach [Woods] wants to put you, you can do the job and you definitely have a good team. I take pride in myself for that. I think a lot of the guys on our defense pride themselves with that, as well. I think that is why we are going to be successful in the future.”

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