S Grant Delpit (9.19.22)


On the miscommunication with coverage on the NY Jets’ 66-yard TD pass in the fourth quarter:

“Communication error.”


On further explaining how a communication error occurred:

“It was a two-call play and had a formation we play either one when we get the call. Communication error.”


On his assignment on the 66-yard TD pass:

“Communication error.”


On CB Denzel Ward stating Ward’s responsibility on the 66-yard TD and that potentially leading some people to believe the deep coverage was his responsibility on the play:

“I am not going to play the blame game with my teammates so I am just going to leave it as it was a communication error.”


On if he wishes ‘everybody would approach it that way where it would be left nebulous’ on assignments for the play:

“On to the next week.”


On how to fix communications errors that led to big plays in the first two weeks of the season moving forward:

“Just make sure we are talking and everybody is on the same page and overemphasizing it.”


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