S Grant Delpit (8.18.21)

On how far behind is he after dealing with injuries:

“I am not behind at all.”


On why he is not behind despite missed time:

“I have been preparing, working out every day and making sure I am working two times harder than the next person. That is the mentality you have to have. I am not behind at all.”


On what he leaned on last year to get him through a tough rehab process to begin his career:

“It is a part of the game. I always look at it like it could be worse. Definitely could be worse. I definitely have a newfound respect for people that deal with have one limb maybe or just have gone through terrible injuries and are stuck with it for like. I was able to experience that for one year. I lean on my family. That is my support system. It was a learning experience.”


On if he feels outside pressure that people have high hopes of how good he can be:

“I have been dealing with pressure my whole life. It is something that comes with football and something that comes with being an NFL player or a college player. It is nothing new to me, but I like the fact that people believe in me and I can do that. I am hoping to show that and prove that this year.”