S D’Anthony Bell (8.30.22)


On when he found out that he made the Browns 53-man roster:

“I found out this morning. I was sitting in my locker and (Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager) Andrew (Berry) had called me. It was a blessing. I had been on the phone with my mom all night until about 1 or 2 a.m. We and been praying all night, and God is amazing.”


On if he did not sleep much since the final preseason game, given his postgame comments:

“Yeah, that is exactly what happened. I did not sleep too much, and neither did my mom. Both of us was on the verge of just praying and trying to hope for the best.”


On his reaction after learning he made the Browns 53-man roster:

“My reaction was, ‘Hey, let’s keep going.’ Make it true. I made it here, but that is not the end goal – to keep going and help this team get wins. Now let’s be a part of the team and make plays.”


On what he believes he did to catch the Browns’ attention and make the 53-man roster:

“I think just the way that I prepare myself and the way that I try to help my teammates and be a team player. Just trying to be a part of the team. Here, we talk about team is everything so I just made myself a part of the team. They have the standard where we are up here, and I just brought myself to that standard.”


On what he believed his odds were of making the team when he was first invited to training camp:

“For me and my family, we always believed in me, and I believed that I had a shot from the get-go. I believed in my talent and my preparation as a player so I felt like I had a good chance, and clearly I did, I guess.”


On what he learned about himself throughout the process of working to make the Browns 53-man roster:

“I just learned that I can play in the NFL. Coming from a D-II school, a lot of people say, ‘Oh well, it is going to be a big change.’ For me, I learned that I can be a part of these guys and I can be a part of the team and play with these guys.”


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