S Damarious Randall, WR Jarvis Landry, WR Odell Beckham Jr. and G Joel Bitonio (12.22.19)



WR Odell Beckham Jr:

On the shift in momentum at the end of the first half:

“That was probably the best team in the NFL. It’s tough to beat a team like that if we can’t convert, move the ball and give them too many opportunities. You just have to take your hats off to them. They are a very good team, if not the best in the league.”


On the offense stalling:

“I think we could have done a much better job today at moving the ball, but it just didn’t happen.”


On if the Ravens looked like a different team compared to earlier in the season:

“They didn’t look any different. You have seen them play other teams in the league, and I feel that we played them the toughest both times. The outcome could have been very different, but that is the NFL and that is football. Those little turn of events can change the game.”


On the momentum shift of the Ravens’ touchdowns to end the first half:

“There are all kind of analytics and statistics about the team who scores before half and then gets the ball back. They kind of doubled up on us. There is not much we can do at this point. Like I said, it is a very good team.”


G Joel Bitonio:

On the frustration when the run game isn’t clicking:

“It was tough.  We ran on them pretty well the first time [Week 4 in Baltimore] so we were going to have a big plan.  We just couldn’t’ find a way.  In the second half, that first drive, we got a few good chunks.  There was a not-so-great call on (C) JC (Tretter) early in the game.  It’s tough.  We couldn’t get in a rhythm and when we did, we were behind so we had to start throwing the ball.”


On the team playing hard next week now that they are officially eliminated from the playoff picture:

“It’s our job.  Unfortunately, I’ve been in this situation a few too many times, but you have to have some pride.  You have to have respect for yourself and your teammates and come out and do your job next week.  It’s our job to win a football game.”


WR Jarvis Landry:

On the team’s offensive performance:

“We knew it was going to be a tough game and we knew their offense is one of the best in the league. We tried to do our part on offense to help the defense out, but we really did not do that today as an offense. We played hard for sure, but we did not play well.”


On the momentum shift of the Ravens end of first half touchdowns:

“It’s the NFL so six points is nothing, especially early in the game. We knew that there was a lot of game left to try and respond if necessary. We were trying to protect the lead.”


On the Browns stalling on offense early:

“There are two distinctive drives that I remember between the third down and the next drive getting backed up where we got two penalties, and then we tried to throw a shot to (WR) O (Odell Beckham Jr.) early, but we just didn’t get it. When you look at the game and when the points were scored, they scored two times within four minutes, which is tough.”


S Damarious Randall:

On the frustrations at the end of the first half:

“They just capitalized on some of our mistakes.  That’s what good teams do.  They just wait until you make a mistake and then capitalize on them.”


On holding the Ravens scoreless until the final two minutes of the first half:

“I felt like we had them up on the ropes when we were up 6-0 going into halftime and we just blinked and they were up 14-6 going into halftime.  You just can’t give good teams like that opportunities to score.”


On the Ravens offense and how different they were from Week 4:

“When you let them get into a rhythm, they are a very tough team to stop.  Offensively, they really weren’t much different.  They have the same players doing the exact same plays.”


On the difference between the two teams:

“We don’t have the same guys out there. We have some horses, but you have to tip your hat to them for fighting hard and coming out winning the game and clinching the No. 1 seed. They have had a hell of a year—a  top offense and a top defense. They got the MVP at quarterback”


On having more losses than last season:

“Obviously, losing is something I hate, but that is just the way the chips fell. We have to focus on what we have moving forward and get ready for next year.”