Run game coordinator/RBs coach Stump Mitchell (9.11.20)

Run game coordinator/running backs coach Stump Mitchell:

On Head Coach Kevin Stefanski announcing Stefanski would call offensive plays:

“I think it is great. No one knows exactly how a man thinks better than that guy. I am sure he has been waiting for the opportunity to do this. He has it. He knows how he wants to see the game play out. I think it is a great thing.”


On Stefanski saying the offensive scheme and play calling will be a collaborative process between the offensive coaches:

“I think our gameplan is put together by all the coaches for the most part during the week. It is always collaborative. Now, he gets the opportunity to make it shine.”

On RB Kareem Hunt signing a two-year extension this week:

“I guess it relaxes Kareem so that is a big thing. We want these guys to be able to go out and play to the best of their ability. It means he is going to be around here for a while, and now, the offensive staff gets an opportunity to put things together.”


On if RB Nick Chubb may be wondering if the organization has him in its long-term future with another extension and if the team can pay two RBs:

“Of course, you can pay two running backs. They pay receivers. They pay D linemen. They can pay whoever they want to pay, and it is Nick’s job to make sure that they want to pay him.”


On the Ravens run defense improving significantly with their additions:

“They did that, and we also worked hard to improve our run offense by bringing in some other guys on the offensive line, too. We will get an opportunity to see what they did, and they will get an opportunity to see what we did, as well. I feel good about what we have.”


On elaborating on his role helping to form the gameplan:

“My role is to make sure these guys understand what the offensive linemen, tight ends and wide receivers are trying to do in order to get the most out of each run and for these guys to give it a chance. The entire offensive staff for the most part, we come up with ideas and suggestions, then we put it together and on Sunday (Head) Coach (Kevin) Stefanski is going to call it.”


On if he has a feel of for LT Jedrick Wills Jr.’s ability in the running game, given media are curious to see how he will perform:

“So am I. I know how he performed at Alabama, but this is a different level. This is the NFL. We expect he will do some of the same things that he did at Alabama so we feel good, but we will not know until it actually happens.”


On if there is any advantage for Wills with no fans in the stands on Sunday:

“One thing about him, he is accustomed to seeing a lot of fans. That is just not going to bother him either way. He understands what he has to do and the guys that he is going to be going up against. I think the greatest for him is that he has had (offensive line) Coach (Bill) Callahan and (assistant offensive line) Coach (Scott) Peters as his coaches. He understands what type of business this is going to be.”


On how Hunt’s role can expand from last season, particularly given Hunt is available for the full season:

“We also have Kareem back healthy. He was not healthy when he played for us last year. He had to go have surgery, and then he came back and he played. Those guys, they have to give it everything that they have on every play. They do not have to say anything because they have one another. I feel good about that. Kareem understands that. We think we are going to run the ball a little more than we did last year. Minnesota was right up there in the top four in terms of the amount of rushes they had a game so we feel good about that.”


On RB D’Ernest Johnson’s opportunity to contribute to the team:

“I think D’Ernest can do whatever we need him to do. Last year, he returned punts, he returned kickoffs and he played some running back. On the limited amount of opportunities that he had, he was successful in all of those roles. If you are going to be the No. 3 guy, you have to be a core special teams guy, and when given the opportunity to perform on offense, you have to be able to not let us think we have to take a step back. That is the type of guy D’Ernest is.”


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