Run game coordinator/RBs coach Stump Mitchell (12.4.20)

Run game coordinator/running backs coach Stump Mitchell:

On if he also gets fired up to see so many great RBs backs on the field this Sunday: 

“Absolutely, I get fired up every time I take the field.”

On Titans RB Derrick Henry and if RB Nick Chubb will be extra motivated to play against Henry: 

“Believe Chubb when he said that does not motivate him. Going to practice motivates Nick. Anytime he takes the field, he is motivated, regardless of who else is there. Derrick Henry is a great back, no question about that. I see the same thing in Derrick that I see in Nick. Just looking at those guys coming out of college, just the short-area quickness and lateral movement those guys have is unbelievable. Watching Derrick coming out of college, I did not want to see the games in which he had 150 or 200 yards; I wanted to see the games in which he had 50 yards or 30 yards to see how he played. He showed you that he has short-area quickness, lateral movement and of course, the ability to take it to the distance. That is the same thing Nick has. He is just not as big.”

On what it takes for a RB to come back from an MCL sprain like Chubb did and to be able to perform at a high level: 

“Dedication. It also takes a great support medical staff, weight room staff and the player doing everything and trusting the process of getting back. All three of those components we have here in place, and Nick believes in them.”

On deciding when to use Chubb or RB Kareem Hunt: 

“Both of those guys are starting running backs. (Head) Coach (Kevin) Stefanski knows exactly what he wants done. He knows how many carries he wants each of those guys to have. They know when they are tied, and they will raise their hand and go in. It is just a matter of keeping track of the number of carries each one of those guys has.”

On if it is unique to have two RBs as talented as Chubb and Hunt willing to share the workload and Chubb’s and Hunt’s ability to have that approach: 

“I think the respect of the game, knowing that every play is important so going out and working hard and also, knowing that if you come out of the game, you have someone in that can go and get the job done, just as well if not better.”

On the Browns’ desire to improve on short-yardage situations from the past couple of weeks: 

“We have not been as successful as we would like to be, but all of those are behind us. We are moving forward, and I think we will be much more successful.”

On how fired up he would be if Chubb and Hunt both reach 1,000 rushing yards this season: 

“I have been fired up. That is going to happen. I knew that was going to happen before the season started. That was our goal. That is going to happen. It is just a matter of what game it is going to happen.”

On his confidence Chubb and Hunt will reach 1,000 yards, especially with Chubb missing four games: 

“It does not matter. That is Nick. He can miss four games for a 1,000 yards. We are talking Nick. It does not matter. He is fresher now. He is going to do what he needs to do. The offensive line is doing a heck of a job, the tight ends and the wide receivers, and of course, Coach Stefanski is doing a heck of a job calling the plays. It is just a matter of time. We are looking now for that next win, and 1,000 yards will come.”

On if former Browns RBs Kevin Mack and Earnest Byner have been texting him, given they both reached the 1,000 yard mark together: 

“I think they have been texting Nick and Kareem.”

On what it means to get FB Andy Janovich back this week: 

“It means a lot. AB (Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager Andrew Berry) going over and getting Andy from Denver and bringing him here, knowing Coach Stefanski wanted a fullback, was a heck of a transaction for us. Now for him to come in and play the way he has played, it is great having your best players back. That is what everyone wants. Now, we have him as well as (DE) Myles (Garrett) back and a couple of other guys so we feel good.”

On his role on gameday and determining when to use Chubb or Hunt: 

“We know Kareem is the third-down back. He is the third-down back, and Nick is our starter right now. Again, we are trying to keep everybody fresh. If Nick has a few carries and long runs, I will probably take him out and put Kareem in. Those guys do not care if the ball is on the 1-yard line, if I think they are tired, they are OK with coming out of the ballgame. Just their attitude makes my job a heck of a lot easier, and knowing how Coach Stefanski wants to have both of those guys fresh makes it easy, as well.”

On Hunt having a special nose for reaching the end zone: 

“He does. Kareem is a tough guy. He is not as big as Derrick Henry, but he is powerful. Kareem thinks he is the best athlete in the world, period (laughter).”

On if he holds his breath when Hunt leaps into the air: 

“He is going to do whatever he has to do in order to try to score. That is just who he is. He understands that you are not going to get many opportunities in the red zone so when he gets an opportunity, he is going to try to do whatever he can to get in the end zone.”

On if the Browns have to change play calls when Chubb or Hunt are in the game or if the two RBs are interchangeable: 

“They are interchangeable. They can do exactly same thing as the other guy. Kareem may be a better route runner, but so far, Nick has definitely improved on that. His hands have gotten better. He works on them every day. It does not matter. We do not worry for the most part about what plays are being called. It is just on third-down situations, if Kareem is capable of going, he will. When we ran the screen the last the play for us to seal the game, Kareem was actually supposed to be in the ball game. I told him to go in, he started going on the field and then his back tightened up. Nick started to come off and Kareem came out so I sent Nick back in, and he made the play. In situations, they know when they are going to be in the game. Both of them are starters. We trust both of them to get the job done so it is not a big issue.”

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