Run game coordinator Ben Bloom (9.10.21)


On how he feels about his group heading into the Chiefs game:

“I feel great. The guys have worked really hard throughout training camp and the preseason, and we have had a really good week of practice. Excited about them and the team to get the opportunity to go and compete on Sunday.”


On the challenges the Chiefs present in the running game:

“I do not think it is any secret that (Chiefs Head) Coach (Andy) Reid and his teams believe in running and throwing the ball. It is not just a one-dimensional offense. They have had success in both ways. The challenge is you have to defend an excellent pass game and run game at the same time. From a coverage standpoint, you want to put your secondary and intermediate defenders in really good positions to defend the pass game, but at the same time, we have to defend the run too if they run it on first and second down. The challenge is defending both. They are a good team. They are well coached. They have good players. It is a great challenge to have in Week 1.”


On the challenge for LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah this week playing the Chiefs in his first NFL game:

“Any game is a challenge for any NFL player. The NFL is challenging for players and for coaches. For rookies, it is a challenging first season. For veterans, it is a challenging season. For a rookie for a first game, there are challenges in that. For Jeremiah, the guy is a really good football player. He has been his whole life. He has practiced great, and he is preparing really well. He works hard. He is a self-corrector, and he improves every day. I am excited to get to see him play.”


On how quickly Owusu-Koramoah has progressed since joining the Browns:

“I think he is right on track. He gets better every day. He learns from his mistakes. He is a very, very diligent note taker. He is very professional in terms of the meeting rooms. That has impressed me so much. When he gets out on the practice field, whatever happened the day before good or bad, he starts fresh, starts new and works hard. He is doing a heck of a job so I am really excited for him.”


On the benefits to having a player like LB Anthony Walker Jr. on the field to help the defense get lined up, especially when playing a challenging offense like the Chiefs:

“Anthony Walker came as advertised. I knew plenty about him before he got here. He is the ultimate professional. He has played a lot of football, and he has seen a lot of football. He sees the game like a coach. He prepares like a coach. He communicates at an extremely high level. You are really fortunate as a coach and as a defense to have a guy like that at linebacker who can help you with all of those things.”


On how much of a factor DE Jadeveon Clowney can be in the run game and if it was a relief to see Clowney back at practice today:

“Yeah, we love when Jadeveon is here. He has done a heck of a job out at practice for us. It is really fun being around him because he comes to work, he executes and he always has a smile on his face so he brings great energy. I believe in him as a human, as a run defender and as a pass rusher, and I am excited to see him work.”


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