Run Game Coordinator Ben Bloom (11.18.22)


On the Browns defense’s success against the Ravens and Bengals and challenges with the Browns run defense last week against the Dolphins:

“I was proud of what we did in the Baltimore game and versus Cincinnati in that regard. We practiced really well for the Miami game. Obviously, things didn’t go well with our run defense versus Miami. That is a credit to them. They had a great plan. They executed it well. Our guys have practiced really well this week the players on our team, and we are focused for the next opportunity.”


On what led to the Dolphins’ long runs and if the adjustments needed are significant or minor corrections:

“I wouldn’t say anything is minor (laughter). We are always looking at each play on its own. Is everyone lined up? Is everyone sound assignment wise? How is our technique on all three levels? Are we penetrating? Are we knocking things back? Are we getting off blocks? Are we shedding? Are we tackling? Are our angles to the ball good, which precedes the tackling of course? Then individual tackling technique. Are we getting our pads down? Are we wrapping up? Are we driving for five? Are we finishing? Do we have a swarm-tackle mentality? Are we getting people to the ball? Anytime there is a breakdown in one of those areas or multiple of those areas, big plays can happen, yards can happen and touchdowns can happen. We are confident in our ability to work together, play together and execute it. Again, we have done a good job in some games this year. The consistency is not there. It wasn’t good enough last week. Again, I am proud of how the players on our team worked this week with energy and focus to keep improving.”


On comparing the defensive approach to Bills QB Josh Allen to Ravens QB Lamar Jackson in the run game and pass game:

“Anytime you have an athletic quarterback that can run and throw and threaten the defense on multiple levels, you have to be assignment sound in terms of coverage – are we in the right spots with the assignments? – and in the run game based on the coverage and based on the call who is responsible for the quarterback. There is certainly carryover when you play a quarterback of this nature.”


On comparing how Allen and Jackson are used in their respective team’s running game:

“I think both coordinators have elements that there is some crossover with the quarterbacks can keep the ball when they see fit, and they can utilize RPOs so they can keep, they may throw it or they may run it. There is a little bit of carryover there.”


On Allen being a QB who often seeks out contact more than other NFL QBs who try to avoid contact, including Jackson:

“That is a good point. He is a bigger human. We can all look at the draft measurables, the roster and the flip card and see he is a bigger guy than Lamar. They are both fast. They both have elusiveness in their own way. Yeah, they are different. Josh is a bigger guy.”


On areas of improvement for the Browns DTs in run defense:

“Those guys are working really hard. (Defensive line) Coach Kiff (Chris Kiffin) is doing a great job with them. They are getting off of the ball. They are attacking. They are penetrating. They are disrupting. I like how they are working. I like what they did this week. We have to make it right behind them, as well.”


On the significance of having a short memory after games or plays that do not go as desired:

“That is a really good point. We need to treat each play on its own and focus on the play that is about to happen, and whatever happened the previous play move on from. You might have success on one play. That doesn’t mean the next play isn’t going to have its own challenges. If you have a play where it is unsuccessful, move on. Let’s play the next play. The next play is the best play.”


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