Run game coordinator Ben Bloom (10.8.21)


On having multiple Browns defensive players on the injury report and not practicing and if that presents challenges to creating the gameplan:

“Most of the guys who have missed practice are guys who have played with us through training camp and through the first four games of the regular season so they know their jobs, they know the calls and they know what their role is. You trust those guys are professional, they are getting the mental reps and if they play in the game, they will be ready to go. We have confidence in those guys.”


On Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley’s recent comments about how the run game benefits the QB and how that impacts the Browns’ gameplan:

“All quarterbacks value the run game because it is helpful to them. It keeps the defense second guessing. Defenses in general, we are always trying to make the opponent one-dimensional. Whether they run it as much as everybody in the league or they do not run it much at all, it is really irrelevant to us. We are just trying to defend the run game, prevent them from getting explosive plays and moving the ball and putting it in the quarterback’s lap so he only has one option. Regardless of the opponent, that is what we are trying to do.”


On LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah’s ability to dodge blockers:

“He has the physical traits. He is an athletic guy. He is sudden. He is twitchy. He has long arms. He has playmaker instincts. You can see the ball and feel what the O lineman is trying to do to him, and [he uses] just his traits and his techniques to get around blocks, get off of blocks and go to the ball. He has really the full package in regards to that. We saw that early in training camp, OTAs and things like that, but he gets better and better every week.”


On if Owusu-Koramoah’s development is ahead of where the team expected at this point of the season:

“I just know he gets better. I knew he was going to help us win this year, and he is helping us. It is fun to watch him because he is more confident and more sure of what he is supposed to do. Even in individual drills, his techniques are improving, and then you see it in practice and you see it in the games. He is on the right track. Excited to watch him play again.”


On the Browns defense’s strong performances the past two weeks and if LB Anthony Walker Jr. potentially returning could help even more:

“Anthony is a great player. He is an instinctive player. He is talented. He is quick. He is fast. He knows how to get to the ball. He just has so much experience playing the game. When you add that guy to the mix, it is going to make you better. He is a terrific leader and communicator out on the field. He really helps his teammates understand what the formation is and what our job is from a play-to-play basis. Yeah, adding him is a huge plus, and we are excited about that.”


On how Walker has looked in practice this week:

“He has practiced really well. He looks good. Did a good job.”