Redskins Players (8.8.19)


SS Landon Collins:

On what specifically the Redskins will take away from the game:

“Route recognition. Knowing what they like to do. It’s a game that you do not really scout or did not game plan for. You just wanted to play your defense. When you get a game plan against a team and know what they like to do, you are more sound.”


On impact on the confidence of the Redskins’ defense:

“The biggest impact is running to the ball. They got yardage out of their breaks coming out of the backfield, catching the ball and getting like 15 yards a pop from that point. Keeping them from getting first downs. We just have to make sure to stop that and get off the field.”


On assessment of QB Dwayne Haskins Jr.:

“He did a solid job. It was his first preseason game. Like I said, we did not game plan against them, so he did not know what he was going to be working with, what he was looking for, or who to attack. Most quarterbacks know who where they are going to attack the defense at. He threw some good balls. Made some good throws. Made some different and bad decisions, but that comes with playing and being a rookie.”


WR Robert Davis:

On his touchdown catch:

“It was a blessing from God.  I’ve had a rough year coming back from an injury, and being able to cross that goal line for the first time in my career is a blessing from God.”


On his emotions tonight:

“That whole year of hard work just flashed before my eyes.  Knowing that I’ve had people support me and help me get here, so being able to finally come back and doing what I’m able to do is a great feeling.”


On his mindset during his touchdown drive:

“Catch it; try not to drop it and score. That was my mindset. Seeing the ball go up in the air brought back memories of  last year. It was a great feeling and a blessing.”


On QB Case Keenan’s performance:

“I think he did really good. I think all of us have things we can learn from, I know I made mistakes, I know every player on the field made mistakes so what we’ll try to do from that is learn from it and get better going into week two.”


QB Dwayne Haskins Jr.:

On his first NFL experience:

“Different. It was good, I had some good plays to learn from, but it was good.”


On how the difference between college and NFL:

“Just the atmosphere of the game, it was fun. I had a good time.”


On the play when he spun out of the sack and almost had the touchdown:

“I was hot. I told (WR) Cam (Sims) we’ll get it next week.”


On his unique throw down the sideline and what he saw:

“It was a go route – cover two. The corner had eyes on me and tried to undercut my deep ball. So we’ll take the upper one and go for the shot”


On the feedback he received from the sidelines:

“Just keep playing. Everyone knows I’m young and I have a long way to go, but I make a lot plays and it never changes my confidence even with a couple bad errors. Everyone is very encouraging on the sidelines.”


On his scrambling ability:

“Yeah, I can do it. I don’t want to, I’d rather throw. But there are times when you have to make things happen, so I made it happen.”


On his composure at the start of the second half:

“I was trying to get points on the board. That was the whole goal of the second half, especially the first drive out after those two picks – to get points on the board.”


QB Case Keenum:

On his performance:

“I need to go back and look at the film. We did some good things and moved the ball. Obviously, we scored on that drive. There are still a lot of things that I want to get better at. I know that there are some plays where I can slide and maneuver in the pocket while staying calm and still being able to deliver the ball. There are some things I have to watch on film and make sure I work on this week before we hit the field again.”


On the completion route to WR Robert Davis:

“He ran a great route. It was a good call. He kind of got in the defense where they miscommunicated a bit and got out of place. He flashed to me, came open and made a great catch. I think it was a good job by him. I didn’t get to see the interference on the play before, but those are huge plays down the field. For him to go up and get the foul, I was glad that he got rewarded for that two plays later.”


On adjusting to playing with non-starters tonight:

“I wouldn’t say it’s tough. I’ve been in this league long enough to know that you’re going to wind up playing with a different combination of guys all year long. You have 11 guys out there and everyone has been coached up and is here for a reason. You have to continue to try and do your job – get first downs, move the ball and score touchdowns.”


On his first game with a new coaching staff:

“It was really good. There are certain kinks. Even after the first series, I came over and had to ask where the quarterbacks sit, but we got that squared away. I think we were off to the race after that.”


On QB Dwayne Haskins Jr.:

“Like I’ve said before, he’s got a lot of coaches.  I don’t want to overstep. There are a lot of people who are coaching him up during the game. But, we’ll talk. At any point, if he wants to talk, we talk. It was good for him to get the first one under his belt. I thought he made some great throws. I thought there were some issues we had with our protection. When you feel like you should be protected and you still get blasted, to get back in the pocket and trust those guys, because they’re playing their tails off, and keep throwing the ball. Slinging it like he did, I thought that showed a lot of poise.”


On his film watching process:

“I’ll watch it tonight. I’ll watch it again tomorrow with the coaches and then again the next day. We’re still in the middle of training camp. We’ve got a couple of big practices Saturday and Sunday. Then there’s another preseason game.”


CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie:


On the Browns’ opening-drive touchdown:

“They came out with a two-minute mode and they were very effective. We have to find a way to get off the field. They did what they wanted to do. We just have to get back in the film room, dissect that and go from there.”


On the overall performance of the Redskins’ defense:

“We have some work to do. We had some plays here and there when we showed potential. We can capitalize on that. I think we just take that and understand we have a long way to go.”


On QB Dwayne Haskins Jr.’s performance:

“The best way you can learn is experience. The more you get out there, the more comfortable you are going to get. You see the potential that he has in his arm, so you know he definitely has the ability to do it.”


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