RB Nick Chubb, WR Odell Beckham Jr., DE Olivier Vernon, DT Larry Ogunjobi, S Jermaine Whitehead, DE Myles Garrett, DT Sheldon Richardson, G Joel Bitonio and CB T.J. Carrie (9.29.29)

RB Nick Chubb


(on his 88-yard touchdown run) “It was pretty wide open. The O-line did a great job of opening it up for me. Great toss by Baker [Mayfield]. The tight ends – they blocked it well. I got into the open field. It was a great run.”


(on his determination on his other touchdown run) “I was just rolling and made a play. I broke some tackles, but it starts with the O-line. They’ve been doing a great job, so I have to finish the run and get in the end zone.”


(on his confidence that the Browns’ offense would break out this season) “We had a great week of practice. It starts with that. The whole week, we were getting better, making plays. I knew we were getting closer. And today, we just had to come out and show that we are a good team. I think everyone played well.”


(on what went into the week’s practice) “We knew we had to get better. We had to play better. And that was just our mindset. Put our heads down and grind and work the whole week and put it all together on Sunday. And we did that, and everyone played well – offense, defense, special teams – it was a great team win.”


(on his determination and putting the team on his back) “That’s what I try to be. I do what I can to help us win. Today, I showed a little bit more determination. I wasn’t going to let anyone attack me. Honestly, I had nightmares last week. When I got hit on fourth and 9 with a one-man tackle, that kind of drove me this week to not let anyone tackle me.”


(on if this is a statement win) “Every win is a great win. We know it’s a divisional win, so that makes it special. We have to build on top of it, keep rolling, and stack some wins.”


(on how big this win was for the Browns) “Like I said, it’s a win. We’re 2-2. We’ll just build on that, stack some wins and keep it rolling.”


WR Odell Beckham Jr.


(on the offense coming alive) “That’s what we expect to do. We came out and did it in a tough environment, in Baltimore, on the road. I think it’s been there; it just hasn’t happened.”


(on the altercation with CB Marlon Humphrey) “It’s hot out there. We’re just competing. I’m just upset that I lost my earring.”


(on the pass-offense) “That’s what I said all along. They are going to take me out of that game, and we just have to find other areas, and we did that today. [Nick] Chubb played great. Jarvis [Landry] had a tremendous game. We did what we were supposed to do.”


(on the triple option play) “It’s something that we’ve been running. I’m just upset. I was trying to get that block, so I could get him into the end zone. I just couldn’t get to him.”


(on Jarvis Landry) “This is what he’s supposed to do every day, every game. This is what he’s capable of doing, he just needs the opportunities. This game’s all about opportunities and taking advantage of them when you get them. If they are going to leave him single coverage, it’s going to be a nightmare all year.”


CB T.J. Carrie


(on the defense) “We stuck to the game plan. Packed the box as much as you can. Play overtop of No. 15 [Marquise Brown], don’t let him get anything cheap. Fight the ball down field, so eventually we would get some take-aways and turnovers. And that’s what we were able to do.”


(on containing QB Lamar Jackson) “Contained and managed. Make him be a quarterback. We blitzed at times, flushed him from the pocket, got him in the scramble mood, get him having to use his feet more. And as you saw, he started making a couple bad decisions here and there, and we were able to capitalize on it.”


(on scoring 30 points in the second half) “Offensively, they did an amazing job, and I think from our special teams point; they always gave us field possession, or we always gave the offense field position. The defense, we went out there to fight and give the ball back to the offense as many tines as possible.”


DT Sheldon Richardson


(on the defense) “We did alright. There are a few things we need to clean up. We did a good job containing Lamar [Jackson] the best we could. He still did what he had to do. They finished off strong. Playing all four quarters. It was a great team win.”


(on winning a division game on the road) “A division win or a regular game, it’s just one game down and another to go. Honestly, it was just a great team effort.”


(on the pass rush) “It was a just containment rush this week. Guys got there on some of the pressure and blitzes that we called. We executed the game plan.”

DE Myles Garrett


(on the team win) “On defense we held them in check. The offense was clicking, and we did what we were supposed to do. It was a great game all around.”


(on the defense) “We’re not trying to keep them on the field and let them run plays. We’re trying to minimize [Lamar Jackson] from getting outside the pocket and extending plays. We wanted to make them run the ball to beat us. All these guys can play ball.”


(on being 2-2) “It’s nice. We beat a division rival. We had a chance to win a couple early, but now we’ll just keep our head forward and focus on our next opponent.”


(on the Cleveland fans enthusiasm at an away game) “We travel well. We all appreciate the support they give. They’ve always been there, so we give our best to them.”


G Joel Bitonio


(on RB Nick Chubb’s 88-yard TD run) “It was a great call. We thought we saw something earlier in the game where we got maybe 10 or 12 yards on that play a couple times. We called it, but had the false start, so we went five yards back. We called it again, and they had the defense we wanted. Then, Chubb hit the hole and took it to the house. It was an impressive run. Right when he turned the corner, I saw [S] Earl Thomas on that path, and I thought, ‘He’s not going to catch him.’ Then, Chubb did what he does, finishing in the end zone.”


(on the success of the running game) “Any time you score a touchdown, it’s great. But when you can pound it in and have some running touchdowns, it really gives your team confidence that you can call for another play and run the ball again.”


(on beating the Ravens on the road) “It feels great to come in and get a win. We didn’t start the year the way we wanted, had a couple tough losses, but to come in against a division team, it was big for us. I’ve only won once here in my six-year career. I hope this is something we can build on. We’re going to play them again when it counts, late in the season, and that will be a big game.”


(on the offense delivering a big performance) “We had our best week of practice, I thought. The energy was really good, especially later in the week. We started making plays, and we were feeling good about what we were doing. We had some good schemes for these guys. We saw the Chiefs do a few things which we could exploit, and it worked out well.”


S Jermaine Whitehead


(on the defense’s play) “We tried to create mistakes, come out and play a little harder, play with a little more effort and poise to get that job done. We took the good with the bad early. We kept competing. We have a great offense that has our back. When we did give up one [score], they’d go back out and get a touchdown. It was a great feeling.”


(on his forcing RB Mark Ingram II to fumble) “He ran through the hole. [LB] Joe [Schobert] got him on the lower half of the body. I came in and tried to finish him off. I wanted to hit him right in the chest as hard as I could, and the ball came out. I knew it was a good hit, but I didn’t know it came out until I saw my guys celebrating. It was definitely a great play.”


(on facing the Ravens’ offense) “Their offense is so great. [QB Lamar Jackson] is probably one of the best athletes I’ve ever played against. He is tremendous with that ball and what he can do with his feet. He was great with his arm today. I respect both parts of his game.”


(on RB Nick Chubb’s TD run after the takeaway) “It was energizing for the whole team, hearing their fans booing and leaving the stadium. Any time our offense scores a touchdown, it is a jolt of energy that goes through us, because we know we have to go out and get a stop to get them the ball right back because they’re hot.”


(on his two-turnover performance) “It was great today to get the turnovers, because I thought my work this week was to correct a few plays I had left out on the field last week. There are still some plays that I left out there today that I need to correct. I keep challenging myself as a football player and do my job.”


DT Larry Ogunjobi


(on the big defensive plays in the second half) “It’s a testament to the way the guys worked during the week. To see guys like [DT] Devaroe Lawrence and [S Jermaine] Whitehead come out and make really big plays is really important for us.”


(on facing QB Lamar Jackson) “I played against Lamar in college, so I knew him and what he’s like. He’s an elite runner, so to be able to corral that guy is really important. The guys up front did a great job as well as the guys in the back end doing what they had to do. So, it was awesome.”



DE Olivier Vernon


(on beating the Ravens in Baltimore) “It was a division game, a road game, especially against the Ravens, where it’s a hostile environment. We did what we had to do. We were facing a very elusive quarterback, Lamar Jackson, who’s really talented with his feet. We had to contain him, and we stuck to the game plan.”


(on evening the team’s record at 2-2) “It’s still the beginning of the season. We wanted to get back to .500, especially with this division game. That’s what we needed to do.”


(on forcing the turnovers) “We know, as a defense, that we’ve got to force turnovers and force three-and-outs. If we’re not doing that, we’re not doing our job.”


(on S Jermaine Whitehead) “He makes those plays on the ball in practice. He’s been working all off-season and during the OTAs and training camp, so for everything to come to fruition was great. I know he’s going to keep doing what he does.”