RB Nick Chubb, RB Kareem Hunt, WR Jaelen Strong and LB Mack Wilson (8.5.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • RB Nick Chubb
  • RB Kareem Hunt
  • WR Jaelen Strong
  • LB Mack Wilson


RB Nick Chubb:

On how eager he is to play Thursday against another team:

“I am ready. I am excited. It is about time to hit someone else than our own teammates. I am pumped about that.”


On if it was a relief to see the starting DL out today:

“I definitely noticed it. I did not say anything. We have to do what we have to do, and we all noticed that they were not in there.”


On if he is physically feeling the impact of multiple inside running game periods:

“No, I feel good.”


On if this year’s training camp feels more physical than last year’s camp:

“It does. Last year, we maybe tackled once or twice. Now, we come in knowing that we are going to have to tackle at one point of the practice so our minds are ready for it.”


On DT Sheldon Richardson:

“He is great. When he is in the game, I know that because he can disrupt some things and do a lot of great things. He is very aggressive, big, powerful and strong. He makes plays in practice so I know once the season starts, I will be happy to not play against him and him be on my team.”


On how he has to adjust to competing against a player like Richardson:

“I still have to read my keys. I can feel his presence there.”


On how he is approaching the season knowing he is the starter:

“I am taking it like I am not the guy. Still practicing hard, doing what I got to do and just taking it day by day getting better.”


RB Kareem Hunt:

On how it felt returning to practice:

“Definitely feels good to get back out there and get my legs back underneath me and just being out there running around again.”


On if he will be able to play Thursday:

“We are going to take it day by day and just see how that goes.”


On how he sustained is groin injury:

“It was offseason training, working out.”


On if he has had groin injuries before this one:
“No, not really.”


On how missing the first eight days of training camp may impact him prior to his suspension and returning to the team:

“I just have to keep working and stay in shape. That is the biggest thing is continue working through the whole process and getting better. Just making sure that I am 100 percent healthy.”


On what mental work he was able to do while out of practice:

“I have just been spending a lot of time in the playbook and the film room, controlling the things I control when I can’t be out there but still doing a lot of working out.”


On how important the preseason is for him:

“The preseason is always important – get team chemistry down. That is a big thing. It is definitely important to get going with the guys.”


On if the preseason and building chemistry is more significant this year, given his suspension:

“Yeah, but we are going to figure out a way to catch up.”


WR Jaelen Strong:

On competing in training camp after missing the 2018 season due to injury:
“It is a testament to anyone who is going through anything. Just keep working, keep grinding and the days will get better.”


On if has always believed he has a shot to make the final roster:

“Since I have been here, yes, that has been the goal, just to grind every day and put it on film.”


On if has been progressing and playing better in recent days:
“I feel it. I just come in everyday with the mindset that is a new day, new rep and new play. Taking it one play at a time and throwing it all out there to show the coaches I want to be here.”


On if practicing with the first team offense adds extra motivation during the session:

“Yes. Definitely, of course. Anytime you have the opportunity to go out there with the ones, you have to be on your A-game and show the coaches you belong out there.”


On the Browns offense’s potential with the WRs:

“We all learn from one another. No matter who is out there, we are all learning. Whoever is on the film, we are learning from them. I think that is the biggest thing is that we can all learn from one another. As far as the competition goes, that is going to be there. Everybody has to go out and compete against one another. As far as us, we are like a family in there, taking the coaching and taking the key points from the older guys, as well.”


LB Mack Wilson:

On if things are starting to click more for him, given his performance in recent practices:

“I can say everything is starting to slow down as days go by because I am getting familiar plays and getting comfortable being around the rest of the guys and trusting the rest of the guys on the field with me so the plays are starting to slow down for me.”

On the challenge transitioning to the NFL from college:
“It is not as bad because college is a lot too. One thing I can say about the National Football League is they are big on run fits and things like that. In college, it was not so much about run fits. In the NFL, you really have to press your gap and do your job because there are some good running backs in the league nowadays and they are going to find a way and hit that gap and we are going to give up an explosive play. It is not as much hard as it is all about knowing what you are doing, doing your job and trusting your teammates.”


On if making plays in practice gives him a boost:

“Yes, I would say it will, but that is something that I feel like is in my game so I am not surprised when I do things like that because I know there is always room for improvement. I have to come out the next day and try to do the same thing. It is all about being consistent at this level. Therefore, I feel like there is always room for improvement, and I have to come out and work hard every day.”


On if he needed the first interception to feel like himself again:

“Yes, I kind of felt like myself. It took me back to my sophomore year when we played Florida State for the opening game, and I intercepted a pass from (Seminoles QB) Deondre Francois and it kind of felt the same way. I was excited and I know in the National Football League, you can get back up and run so of course I kind of braced myself so I could get back into a running stance and get ready to run it back.”


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