RB Nick Chubb & RB Demetric Felton (9.19.21)


On his ability to help close the game out in the fourth quarter:

Chubb: “I felt good going into the fourth quarter. I think we did a good job the whole game of pounding them even though things were not quite opening up for us at first. We did a good job leaning on them, and our offensive line kept pressing their defenders. That is when it opened up for us in the fourth quarter.”


On his first career TD:

Felton: “It was awesome. It was a great experience. Everyone did their job, blocked for me, and I was able to get in the end zone.”


On his ability to make plays during the game:

Felton: “It is a lot of things that we work on at practice, making moves once you get to the second level so I just did what my coaches have coached me to and it worked.”


On his ability to spin move:

Felton: “I would say it is instinct. I saw him coming from the corner of my eye and saw where his momentum was pulling him so I spun the opposite way.”


On Felton’s TD:

Chubb: “It was good. It was an amazing play. He broke some tackles and made guys miss. That is something I have always known he can do, and I’m glad he showed everyone here that he can do it.”


On what he saw on his TD at the end of the game to ice the victory:

Chubb: “It was a great call, and it was well blocked. I don’t think I got touched on the play. It was well blocked everywhere and well executed by everyone so I was able to ice the game.”


On the team’s reaction when QB Baker Mayfield went to the locker room:

Chubb: “It is next guy up. (QB) Case Keenum was ready if he had to go in. We all trust in Case and we know that he will do a great job for us. We all know Baker is super tough and there was no doubt in my mind that he would be back. I knew when he went to go get checked out that he would be back in eventually.”


On if Mayfield was any different when he came back into the game:

Chubb: “He is always the same to me. He is a tough guy and always intense. He is ready to lead this team, and he does it every day.”


On the responsibility of helping taking pressure off of Mayfield:

Chubb: “For sure. If you put it in our hands, the running backs and the O line, I am sure we will get the job done, which we have done in the past. It comes down to how we practice and our mentality to run the ball, even when they know we are running the ball. If you put in our hands, we will do our best job to get the job done.”


On losing WR Jarvis Landry early in the game:

Chubb: “It was tough. After he went down, it took us a while to get going. I felt the energy drop a little bit because Jarvis is a big part of our offense. He brings the energy, intensity and makes big plays. It is next man up, and “D-Felt” got more opportunities to make plays for us. That is just how our mentality is. If a guy goes down, we are all prepared to step up and our team did a good job when Jarvis went down today.”


On his play on special teams providing energy for the team:

Felton: “It does a lot for my confidence. I think it is a big confidence boost for the team, as well. I think we had a lot of energy coming out of that so I was really happy I was able to be a part of that.”


On how he likes running in the zone offensive line scheme:

Chubb: “It is fun. Our O line and Coach (Bill) Callahan gets those guys up front moving and gets them going. As a running back, all we have to do is hit our track, have good eyes and it always opens up for us. A lot of credit to our O line for opening things up.”