RB Nick Chubb (9.9.20)

RB Nick Chubb:

On RB Kareem Hunt signing a contract extension: 

“I am excited about that. I get to play ball with Kareem for however many more years we have, and that is a great thing for me, a great thing for this team and for this city.”


On Hunt’s growth since coming to Cleveland: 

“It is crazy because the Kareem I know, he is just a great person ever since he has been here. He has become one of my great friends on the team. We hang out every day because we are running backs. Even beyond that, we still talk about everything. He is easy to talk to. He is a fun guy to be around.”


On the possibility of C JC Tretter returning and how important Tretter is to the run game: 

“It is huge for us. JC has been playing this game for a while. He is an older vet. He is very wise, very athletic and makes the right calls and gets us in the right position. He is a baller so we are happy to have him back.”


On if strides are being made with QB Baker Mayfield and DE Myles Garrett taking it upon themselves to be leaders in helping change the team’s culture: 

“Yeah, I see it. Just the biggest point of last year is it just push us all to do things different. We are pushing each other, hold each other accountable and go out there every day and give our all in practice.”


On if it will be an adjustment playing without fans at M&T Bank Stadium: 

“I am not sure. It will definitely be different, but I can just imagine it being like practice. No fans are here at practice and we still have good days, we still come out here with high intensity and we still get after it, or like a scrimmage maybe. It is no different in a scrimmage or in a game. We are going to go out there and give it our all. We are going to ignore everything else anyways.”


On how Head Coach Kevin Stefanski’s offensive scheme can benefit the running game: 

“I think he brought the right guys in, and we all play for each other. We know our assignments. We know what needs to get done in order to make all the runs work. I think it starts up front. Those guys being great for us and the running backs making the right reads and cuts.”


On if he is even more encouraged to stay in Cleveland long term after Hunt signed his contract extension and if the two can be a special RB tandem for years to come: 

“I hope so. Definitely. I would not mind staying here with Kareem and staying with the Browns for as long as I can. It definitely would be special if we could do that. I look forward to playing with him this season and for more to come.”


On what he and Hunt are capable of doing together and what makes them so special as a tandem: 

“I think it gives the defense a hard time having to plan for us and scheme for us because they do not know what we are going to do and they do not know how we are going to be used or utilized in the system. I think it can be special if we find the right way to utilize us, keep us both on the field or have certain plays for both of us.”


On the changes the Ravens made to their run defense after his big performance last season: 

“We know they are still the Baltimore Ravens and the things they like to do best. As a whole, they are big, physical and they play hard and are high-motor guys. It will definitely be a challenge for us.”


On how Mayfield has handled multiple coaching changes in his career and if there is anything he has done to help Mayfield: 

“I have been here too with him so it is for both of us. Him being the quarterback, there is a lot more on his plate. I think he handles it well. In every situation, he is always composed and he is ready. We believe in him. We trust him. We know he is going to make the right decision for us. There is never a question about him not being able to handle any situation.”


On if he was aware of Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh’s comments about the Browns having the ‘two best running backs by their account’: 

“No, I was not aware of it, and it has no impact on me at all.”


On what he remembers most from his big game last season at Baltimore: 

“I do not know. It was kind of a long time ago.”


On if his performance at Baltimore last year gives him extra confidence going into Sunday’s game: 

“Not at all. It is a new year, a new game.”


On the changes for the team from the start of last season to now, given the high expectations prior to 2019: 

“I am not sure. I like not having the noise around us. They can just take it somewhere else. Let us focus on ourselves. Let us keep playing.”


On if that mindset embodies who he is as a teammate and how he works: 

“I think so. That is how I approach it myself and how I approach each day, just not worrying about anything else. Just focus on home and make sure we are right here first.”


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