RB Nick Chubb (9.3.20)

RB Nick Chubb:

On if it was a scary moment when he sustained a concussion early in training camp: 

“It was a scary moment, but II knew I was fine. Just a little dizzy, but that is it.”


On preparing his body for hits in the regular season with less contact this training camp, including the elimination of preseason games: 

“Just take it back to high school, I guess. You go through camp not really much hitting or any games at all, but you still out there and you still play the season so I guess I just have to take it back to that mindset. I have gotten used to hitting in practice and also having the preseason games, but that is not the case. I have to adapt. We all do. We all just have to go with what is happening.”

On if LB Mack Wilson apologized for the hard tackle that resulted in his concussion and how bad he felt when Wilson went down with an injury in practice the following day: 

“Yeah, he reached out to me through text. He did not even have to. I understand. It is football. He is just playing hard and going hard as he always does. I did feel horrible the next day seeing his knee injury, but it was me and him inside the training room and I am the perfect guy he can talk to about knee injuries. I encouraged him. It turns out his is not even as near as bad as mine so that is a positive that came out of it. Now, he is just trying to get him back out there with us.”


On if the Browns offense has had enough time to establish its identity: 

“I feel like we had enough time. Not as much time as we would want, but we make do with what we have. Every day, we come out here and we are here to get better. We are here to run the ball, pass the ball and do everything we can as a team. I think we had enough time.”

On if he is ready to carry the load early, particularly given the absence of preseason games:  

“Yeah, I am ready for whatever happens. I am ready for the team.”


On if opponents may not be able to load up the box as much to stop the run due to the number of Browns playmakers: 

“I can’t tell you how a team is to play us, but we do have a lot of playmakers on the field. Hopefully, we can utilize everyone the right way and make teams have to choose one or another. That will definitely help us out.”

On if sharing the backfield with RB Kareem Hunt will be a part of the offense: 

“I hope it can be. I know our coaches are going to do a great job and find ways to get us on the field together. It is a coach’s decision, but I hope we can do that.”


On if anything positive came from the adversity of this year’s training camp: 

“I think the fact that we got to come out here and actually play is a positive because of all the uncertainty going on before the season, I did not know if we were going have a season. I did not know how things were going to play out. I think for us to be able to come out here and practice every day, not many cases on our team right now and just keep playing football, which we love, so I think that is a positive.”

On if he takes note of RB contract situations around the league: 

“I see it. I know it is happening. I am aware of it, but I am just focusing on this team right now. I am a big believer in everything happens for a reason. Whatever happens for me, it will be for the best I believe so I am just trying to get better every day here and not worry about the future.”


On if he notices a difference with the Browns’ upgrades to the OL: 

“I can tell. It is easy to see. It has a lot to do with the coaching, too, because (offensive line) Coach (Bill) Callahan gets those guys going every day and he never lays off them. I think that is a big key, too. Other than that, the five guys up there are very talented. They do everything right. They are a great O line and a great unit, and I love running behind them.”

On the addition of FB Andy Janovich and the ability to run behind a FB: 

“I love having Andy in front of me. He has eyes like a running back. I can trust where he is going. I know it he is going to be in the right place. Not only just his blocking but he can catch the ball well, he can run with the ball in his hands and he is a great overall fullback. I look forward to running behind him.”


On if there is a learning curve playing with a new offensive linemen, given Hunt’s comments about it taking time to learn how certain people play: 

“It definitely is because you get so used to being on one line and you kind of know how they are going to block things up and you know how they are going to go to the second level. The first week, it took me a while to adjust because I was missing my reads just because I did know how the line would block it, but after a while, you get used to knowing what they are going to do. I think that is a fair assessment.”

On if there will need to be a significant adjustment if C JC Tretter will be able to play Week 1, given C Nick Harris has been playing with the first team throughout training camp: 

“I think those guys are very similar so I do not think it would be much drop off at all. I think they both do a great job of being the center, handling the 3 [technique] and the nose. I think they both are pretty similar.”


On if he sees QB Baker Mayfield’s desire to get back to the level of play during his rookie season: 

“I believe it 100 percent. I see it every day in practice. He is making the changes that need to be made. He is playing smarter. He is still making the big plays as Baker does, but I think he is just being smarter with the ball. That is all it came down to is protecting the ball.”

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