RB Nick Chubb (9.29.21)

On how the Browns were able to wear down the Bears defense last Sunday:

“We had to stick with it. We knew it was not going to be easy. We knew it was not going to be early. That is a great Bears front that we went against – a lot of big guys, big physical guys. They are a great team. We knew it was going to take a while, but eventually, (RB) Kareem (Hunt) popped one late in the game.”


On if it made for a frustrating first three quarters despite knowing the Browns offense’s rushing production was not necessarily going to happen early against a tough Bears front:

“It is a long game. I know that from playing football for a while so I know teams like that, you have to be patient and it is going to take a while. For me, it was not very frustrating.”


On the Vikings defense:

“They have a lot of experience in their scheme and a lot of veteran guys who have been playing for a long time. They do a lot of things well. They are physical up front, too. They have some veterans on the back end. They all play hard and play fast, and they play together.”


On facing former Browns and Vikings DT Sheldon Richardson:

“It will be a challenge for us for sure. I am sure he will be pumped up because he is not here anymore. We know that. We know he is a great player. I saw it for two years out here on this field all of the things that he can do. It will be exciting to go up against him.”


On if he believes he is faster when playing on synthetic turf compared to grass fields:

“That is what they say. I guess turf is a lot faster. That works the same for the team we are going up against so everybody will be running faster Sunday.”


On if he feels a difference with the speed when playing on synthetic turf:

“I do feel it. I feel a difference when you run on turf than grass.”


On how he would describe Hunt’s running style, given QB Baker Mayfield characterized it as like the Tasmanian Devil:

“I agree. Kareem runs like a wild man, like he does not care about his body at all. He runs it up, sticks it up in there, takes hits and bounces off of hits. He is just a special player.”