RB Nick Chubb (9.20.22)


On how he is feeling physically after Sunday’s game and during a short week ahead of Thursday night’s game against the Steelers:

“I feel good. I feel better this week than I did last week around this time so I guess that is a good sign. We have a quick one coming up so I have to stay on it and be ready.”


On expectations for the Steelers defense:

“The same thing as every year. They are a great unit up front. They have great players. A very physical, a very fast team. They are a great team, especially on defense. It will be a challenge for us like every time we play them, but we look forward to it.”


On what he has to do to prepare physically to play on a short week:

“Hit the recovery hard. You have to speed up the process. Usually, I kind of take my time getting to my recovery later in the week. With the game being two days away, I have to speed everything up. Came in yesterday, came in today and did some extra stuff to get my body right. I should be good by Thursday.”


On if he thought about not scoring the TD at the end of the fourth quarter:

“Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have scored right there honestly looking back at it. It cost us the game. A lot of things went wrong, not just one thing but collectively as a unit and as a team, we could have all done things different. It is only a problem because we didn’t win so I probably should have went down.”


On specifically being given the direction to not score a TD against the Texans in 2020 in a late-game situation due to the time on a clock:

“I can’t remember. That was awhile back. The game was a little different. I think we were up by three against Houston so I wanted to end it right there.”


On if it hard to throttle down from the 2-yard line in that situation on Sunday, given the limited space:

“It would have been tough. I think the first-down marker was at the 1 or 2 and the goal line was right there, too. I probably could have gotten down. It probably would have been third-and-short or third-and-inches, but it possibly could have happened. I couldn’t have went out of bounds because people were behind me and they would have pushed me in or something like that. I probably should have just dropped down after I made the cut.”


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