RB Nick Chubb (9.17.20)

RB Nick Chubb:

On the one-two punch with him and RB Kareem Hunt having success tonight:

“I think we did a great job running the ball as a team. It starts with  the offensive line. Those guys did a great job getting push for us. They were leaning on guys. They opened up so many holes for us. There were holes everywhere.”

On not scoring at the goal line on fourth down and getting the ball back following DE Myles Garrett’s strip-sack: 

“It was tough. They did a great job of stopping us upfront those first goal line tries. I am just happy (Head Coach Kevin) Stefanski stayed with the run, even though we did not get it in. He kept believing in us, even though we did not get it in the first time. We got another chance to get it in.”

On Stefanski’s belief in the running game throughout the night showing confidence in him and the team:

“Yeah, it is. It definitely makes me feel good.”

On running behind FB Andy Janovich:

“Andy is great. He is my second set of eyes. If I do not see anything, I am following him. He is always going to take me to the right spot.”

On Stefanski being aggressive going for it on fourth down:

“I think he called a great game. It starts with him believing in us on the goal line or in short yardage. He knows we will be able to get it done for him.”

On if it was the team’s overall plan to have Hunt take the bulk of the carries to finish the game or if that was just the circumstances that occurred:

“That is just how it happened. Honestly, Kareem is a great back. I think we should get him more involved earlier in the game, rather than how it happened tonight. You see what he can do – [10 carries for 86 yards]. We definitely need to get him involved early.”

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