RB Nick Chubb (9.15.20)

RB Nick Chubb:

On the team’s mindset heading into a short week after the loss on Sunday: 

“I think it is better for us to kind of get back out there right away, get the bad taste out of our mouth and go out there and get a win. That is going to be big for this team and big for everyone around us. I think our team is in the right mindset. We know what happened last Sunday was not who we are or anything like that, but we just have to keep pushing. We have a great chance to show it in front of the world.”


On if the Browns offense can build off of what he and RB Kareem Hunt did in the run game on Sunday with a few long runs:

“I think we all know we can run the ball. It is just we kind of got away from it in the game. Running the ball have never been a problem for us here. We just have to stick to it and get in a rhythm. We know we can run the ball so we just have to get better at other things.”

On if he has watched the Bengals film from Sunday yet and what he expects to see from them on Thursday: 

“I see a very exciting team coming into this year, a team that did not have a great year last year but is looking to turn heads. They play extremely hard on defense. They run to the ball. High-motor guys. Extremely physical and fast. I see a great defense.”


On why he remains confident in the Browns offense:

“We have the players, and we have the coaches. We just have to put it together. There is no excuse for us with who all is on our team to go out there and put up one touchdown. That is unacceptable. We know it, we accept that and we are looking to get better.”


On what makes him confident that the Browns have the right group to bounce back quickly:

“We see it every day here in practice. The things that we are not doing on the game field, we have done it here. It is just about putting it all together, finding a rhythm and making it happen when the day comes.”

On if he likes the opportunity to line up out wide and in different spots:

“Yeah, I do. I think it helps our whole offense as far as not having a running back in the backfield sometimes and kind of switch it up into something different. Get the guys on defense eyes moving around and just trying to try something different.”

On the difference if the team can get WR Odell Beckham Jr. going early, given there are games where he feels on and provides an energy and others where his body language may seem different:

“I am not sure about his body language, but every game he comes out there and he has an infection attitude. I want to be like Odell and make the big plays and things like that. We have to hold everybody accountable to make sure that things are happening the right way.”

On if QB Baker Mayfield may have seemed a bit too amped up early in the game and if that impacted the offense in the first half, given Mayfield’s comment about it:
“I am not sure.”

On if he felt amped up at the beginning of the game to start the season after a long offseason:

“I am sure everybody on the field was excited so I don’t know.”

On factors into the Browns not converting on third down:

“I have not come to a conclusion yet. I do not know. I guess we have to make the throw and make the catch.”

On if he feels pressure to bounce back and win after losing a season opener:

“I do because not only is it a loss, but it is in our division. These are two big games for us. We need to be 1-1 after this week. I think it is a little pressure to get it because you do not want to 0-2.”

On if having 6,000 fans Thursday will bring some energy that was not there in Baltimore with no fans:

“Anything is better than what we did in Baltimore with nobody in the stands. I think definitely because it is Cleveland fans, too. I think it will definitely have an impact.”

On if there is a competition to have a better performance than Bengals RB Joe Mixon or other top RBs on opposing teams:

“Not really. I am just trying to go out there and be the best me I can be.”

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