RB Nick Chubb (9.1.21)

RB Nick Chubb:

On if he has re-watched last year’s playoff loss to the Chiefs:

“I watched it a couple of times. It is not something that I just watch every day, but I have seen it before maybe once or twice.”


On if he has started his own personal preparation specifically for the Chiefs:

“No, not yet.”


On if he feels better heading into this season than he has at the start of previous seasons after not playing in preseason games:

“Yeah, I do feel good. I have not played any preseason games. I guess that is a little bit why I do not feel as sore. I feel good. If I played in the games, I would still feel good and I would still be ready to go so that is not really that much of a factor for me.”


On if there is any difference in his confidence level heading into Week 1 compared to the AFC Divisional game last season:

“I do not know. It is not even game week yet. I hope we are confident about everything. We have to go out there and get better today and have a good practice today before we get too far ahead of ourselves.”


On how good the Chiefs defense was in the AFC Divisional game:

“It was good.”


On what the Browns offense accomplished in training camp:

“I think the biggest thing was building off of last year. We found out we can be a good team with how we played last year and winning 10 games. I think just for us coming here, building off of that momentum, keep things going, fix things – the small things, the details – get better at that and come out here and work every day.”


On if he feels like the Browns should have gone further last year and were a better team than everybody thought, given the term ‘unsatisfied’ has come up as of late:

“I would hope so. I think we had a lot to learn from last year making it to the second round and not making it any further than that. I know guys learned from that. We can learn from that, build off of that and continue to improve.”


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