RB Nick Chubb (6.15.21)


On returning to the field:

“It feels good. It is a great feeling to get back out there with the team and to see all of the faces, see all of the coaches, the guys and see new faces, too. It is great to be out here. Great to get back to work.”


On if he is confident the Browns offense can pick up where it left off last season or potentially take it to another level:

“I hope we can pick up where we left off. We had a great team last year and did some great things. It is still a process. We cannot come in here and get too far ahead of ourselves. We have got to still take it day by day, play by play and just continue to get better in every area.”


On if there is a different level of excitement this year after last season’s success:

“I think the biggest thing is we know we can be a good team. We showed it every week that we could go out there and we can play with some of the better teams. I think that is exciting for us, but we are not still living off of last year. It is a new season, we have new players and we are playing different teams. For us, it is about continuing to get better and become a better team.”


On if he has heard anything from his agent about a potential contract extension with the Browns:

“I am going to let my agent and the Browns handle that. I am just here to play, be here for my team, continue to get better and try become a better teammate and a better team. That is all I am focusing on and will allow that to take care of itself.”


On if he knows if the Browns have spoken to his agent yet about a potential contract extension:

“I think they have talked, but I told my agent just to handle it for me until he needs me.”


On if there may be more in store for him and RB Kareem Hunt together on the field this year:

“Yeah, I always think there is more we can do. Kareem is an awesome teammate and an awesome player. Every year, it is great to go out there and play with him. I think every year is a chance for us to go out there and show how we can continue to be a dynamic duo every year.”


On if run game coordinator/running backs coach Stump Mitchell has mentioned he and Hunt each getting to 1,000 rushing yards this year, given it was a goal for Mitchell last year:

“We are not getting too ahead of ourselves. We still have minicamp, and we still have camp. He has not mentioned it yet.”


On if the Browns still have strong chemistry, especially offense, despite challenges of COVID protocols:

“We are all still pretty close personally. I hope we are still close chemistry-wise on the field. It is our first day back so I guess we will find out here in a couple hours.”


On if there is excitement in the building with all of the players being back:

“Yeah, I feel excitement in here.”


On why he did not come to OTAs and if it had anything to do with NFLPA president and Browns C JC Tretter’s comments:

“Maybe a little bit, but ultimately, it was my decision just to stay home. I feel like I get great work at home, I train really hard and I am able to go at my own pace. I think that was the biggest thing for me to stay home and train. I knew I would be ready when it was time come back for good.”


On the focus of his offseason training:

“Bigger, faster, stronger.”


On if he went to Austin last week to work out with Browns offensive players:

“No, I did not.”


On why he did not go to Austin for the independent offensive workouts:

“It was just my decision personally. I like being home.”


On if he will be so focused on football that he can block out the contract extension talks and any potential distractions:

“Yeah, I do. No matter what happens, I will still be who I am, and I think that is the biggest thing I am focused on is continue to be who I am and be the guy I need to be for this team.”


On if he has a desired timeline for a contract extension:

“I would not say I do. I know whatever happens will happen for the best of me, and I trust and believe in that.”


On how important it is for him to be in Cleveland long term:

“It would mean a lot. Cleveland drafted me however many years ago it was, trusted me and put their faith in me to come here and help build this culture of this team I have been a part of it. I feel like, yeah, Cleveland is where I want to be and hope everything can work out in that direction.”


On if he can continue to put up big numbers in this offense long term:

“Yeah, I think so. I do not like uncertainty, and I know here in Cleveland what I have with the players and coaches. This is the City of Cleveland, and I do not know how things will be anywhere else so Cleveland is where I want to be and that is my main focus – to be here in Cleveland.”


On what having WR Odell Beckham Jr. back will mean to the Browns offense:

“We can do a lot. If we were that good without OBJ, we can be even better with him. I believe he is looking good. I believe he is back to himself so I am excited to see.”


On if his dropped passes in the AFC Divisional Game at Kansas City motivates him to continue to improve in that area:

“Yeah, it does.”


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