RB Nick Chubb (5.25.22)

On if the Browns offense was able to bond during the trip to the Bahamas:

“Definitely. I got to know all the guys a lot better. A lot of new faces in different areas. I got to get to know them. No better place to do that than in the Bahamas. I enjoyed it. We all had a good time.”


On what it says that so many Browns offensive players went to the Bahamas together:

“I think it says that the team has bought in and we want to win. We want to change how things were in the past. For pretty much everyone that come back, that says a lot.”


On his impressions of QB Deshaun Watson:

“He has been great. The throws he makes are incredible. He is definitely a special player. I can’t wait to be on the field with him.”


On how different the team chemistry is with Watson as the leader of the Browns offense:

“He is a great guy to be around. We all love him. He is a very natural leader. It comes natural. He has been since OTAs have started. He took us all on a trip. I think those things kind of bring in trust and bonding for our team.”


On how the Browns offense may change with Watson at QB:

“I think Deshaun can create great big plays, and he is a playmaker so he will be able to do anything and everything on the field and just be more electric.”


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