RB Nick Chubb (12.6.20)

RB Nick Chubb:

On the Browns offense getting off to a hot start today:

“It was great. I know (Head) Coach (Kevin Stefanski) has been on us about starting fast this past week. We came out hot, we came out ready to play and it showed.”


On how effective the Browns passing game was today: 

“I think both sides expected us to come in and run the ball. We have great backs on both sides. I think we used that to our own advantage. We were protecting our runs with the great play actions and throwing it over their heads. Every time we had play action, those guys were running up and biting. It worked out for us in the sense of using the run to work against them.”

On what he imagines Browns fans feel like with a 9-3 record:

“I know they are excited. It has been a long time since Cleveland has had success like this and being 9-3. I know the fans are excited. It is for them. Even though they can’t be here, we still appreciate them and we are still playing for them.”

On if beating the Titans helps legitimizes the Browns first eight wins, given the Titans’ current record and AFC Championship Game appearance last year:

“I think it does. I think people know that we are a good team now when we play well. That is what we did today. We came out, and we beat a good team. We have to use the momentum and keep going forward.”

On he is ever surprised by Stefanski’s aggressive play calls:

“Not at all. That is what he is. He told us he was going to be aggressive, and that is what he was. We had some trick plays, and we were going for it on fourth down no matter what. Whatever he says, he sticks with it.”

On QB Baker Mayfield’s performance, including four TDs in the first half:

“Baker was on fire. That is the guy that I know, and that is the guy that the Cleveland Browns know who he is. He came out and had a great game and led us to a victory.”

On how long the Browns were working on the trick play with WR Jarvis Landry throwing to Mayfield and how fun it was to be a part of it:

“It has always been in our playbook. It is only a matter of time before we called it. It is situational football. I think coach saw a perfect chance to call it, and it was successful.”

On the Browns OL’s performance today:

“They are great. They are doing an awesome job in the pass pro and the run game. (Offensive line) Coach (Bill Callahan) stays on them and keeps them working, and those guys all bought in. They wanted to stop the run. That is what they wanted to do, and they did a great job.”

On what it means for the Browns to be able to start strong against a quality team and get a win:

“That is a great team. They fought all four quarters. If we were not able to score all of the points we did, it could have been different. Props to them. For us, we did have a great game, but we still had a lot of errors out there. We can play more clean football, and who knows? The sky is the limit for us. We have to keep going. We are working every day.”

On the TD to T Kendall Lamm being disguised by him and RB Kareem Hunt in the backfield together:

“Yeah, that is the point of it to kind of get their eyes somewhere else, and that was a fullback dive for me. I saw a couple of guys bite on me and I knew that if some guy scarred to Kareem, leaving Kendall wide open. It is all Stefanski and all of us executing.”

On selling the fake by diving into the end zone:

“Yeah, I told Kareem I was going to jump and try to get some guys to bite down on me and it worked.”

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