RB Nick Chubb (12.30.20)

RB Nick Chubb:

On how fired up he is for this week’s game, particularly given he missed the Week 6 matchup against the Steelers:

“I am excited. This game definitely means a lot to this team and to this city. We all understand that so we are all pumped up for it.”

On QB Baker Mayfield saying this game is essentially a playoff game and if the team has adopted that mentality:

“For sure, it is win or go home so that is a playoff game to me. That is how we are approaching this week.”

On how much he is relishing the opportunity to win and reach the playoffs, given how long it has been since the Browns have reached the postseason:

“For sure. Like you said, I know guys who have been here and just hearing from how they talked about it. We have never been in this position before so we are playing for those guys, playing for everyone in this city and playing for each other.”

On he, G Wyatt Teller and other Browns players not being available in the Week 6 matchup against the Steelers and if that gives the team more motivation to compete on Sunday:

“We are excited about it. This team has been banged up from the beginning of the season and guys missing throughout the season. We are finally getting everybody back, and we are ready to play together.”

On if the Steelers scheme or personnel stand out most on film, given the Steelers have been strong against the run in several games but also given up many rushing yards in other games:

“Watching those guys, they are very big and physical up front. They play hard and they play together. For the most part, I think that is why they have had success because the guys they have on defense are very good players. It will be a challenge for us for sure, but we are looking forward to it.”

On if one player in particular stands out on the Steelers defense who he would prefer not to run toward:


On if that mindset of preferring not to run in the direction of one player is specific to the Steelers or opponents in general:

“In general.”

On if he can feel the magnitude of this week’s game during the practice week and how the Browns are prepared to handle it:

“We are ready. This is what we play for our whole life – moments like this. I am sure guys are up and excited about it. I feel like no one is under the pressure and trying to shy away from it. I feel like everybody is ready to go out there, show what we can do and win this game.”

On the experience the past few days dealing with Browns players being placed on reserve/COVID-19:

“It has been crazy for us, but that is how this whole year has been. We have all been flexible. We have all been adaptable and ready for whatever. This has happened throughout the season. We all have been coming in and practicing. We are all ready for this. (Head) Coach (Kevin Stefanski) has been doing a great job of keeping us ready, telling us to check our phones at all times and be ready for whatever happens. I think we have handled it well.”

On how eager the team is to see the Browns offense back at 100 percent strength with multiple players potentially returning this week:

“I am excited. I was excited to see (G) Wyatt (Teller) and Jed (T Jedrick Wills Jr.) today. Small steps, but I hope we get the receivers in later and we will all be back together soon.”

On if he ever wondered why last week’s game was played leading up to it due to the high-risk close contacts and players on reserve/COVID-19:

“No. Not really. I feel like the NFL takes good care of us and makes all of the right decisions. They said we can play so we played. I do not see anything wrong with that.”

On if there is a specific reason why the Browns running game has been slowed the past three games and if Teller being out is one of the most impactful factors:

“It is a lot of things to it. I feel like as a whole we have not been doing the things we need to do as a team and as an offense. I think it is more just on everybody who is playing than the guys who are not.”

On if there is a specific reason as to why the Browns running game was as productive last week:

“I do not think so. Just like I said, it is just on us and who is playing to go out there, make it work, execute and do what we have to do to make plays pop. I do not think it is on who was not there – just the guys who were there.”

On if it is exciting for multiple Browns players to potentially return this week to spark the Browns running game again, given its past production when needed most:

“Sure, it is definitely time for us to turn it back on and to pick up where we left off a couple of weeks ago. If it is going to happen, I am hoping it happens now.”

On if has talked to QB Baker Mayfield after last week’s loss and how Mayfield appeared today at practice:

“He was locked in. He was focused. He was not saying much. He was going out there, practicing hard and leading us. That is about it.”

On if there was any sense that anyone let the team by being identified as high-risk close contacts:

“No, I would not say that. I know those guys wanted to be on the field just as bad as anything else. It has just been that year.”

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