RB Nick Chubb (12.23.20)

RB Nick Chubb:

On if this year’s Pro Bowl selection meant more to him after returning from injury:

“It is always special to be able to be named to the Pro Bowl. With it being tougher to get in this year for many reasons, it is very special to me.”

On how QB Baker Mayfield has been as a leader and in the locker room as Mayfield’s production has increased in recent weeks and if Mayfield has been the same person and handled success well:

“He has been the same guy. Success never got to him. He has been successful his entire career so that is nothing new to him. He has been the same guy and been a great leader for us. It is paying off for him now.”

On how happy he is for Mayfield with the recent success:

“I am extremely happy for him. I have seen the work he has put in. I have seen the countless hours he has spent at the facility and how hard he works every day. I am extremely happy for him. Have to keep it going.”

On if Mayfield is more energetic in the huddle when Mayfield has ‘been in the zone lately’ and if that gets Browns players hyped:

“He is the same. He is the same guy, no matter what is going on. Even when things are not going good, he is still Baker.”

On if the Browns are blocking out external discussions well regarding playoff scenarios and external excitement about the team:

“We are. It is just noise in the background. We are focused on playing the Jets this week. That is all.”

On what impresses him about the NY Jets defense, despite the team’s record:

“They play extremely hard. They do not play like their record shows. They want to go out there and they want to win every game.”

On running behind the Browns OL and how the unit has helped him have success this season:

“I owe everything to those guys up front. Those guys are the ones who make it happen. It makes it possible for me to score any touchdown or break any long run because of the way they block so well. I am extremely proud of them. A lot of credit has to go to them up front.”

On how the team guards against external distractions like additional national attention and the holiday week:

“Stay focused on what is at hand. Today, we had a good full-padded practice. That is the only thing that matters right now is going out there every day for today, have a good practice and not worry about anything else. It is just living for today.”

On how much he wishes RB Kareem Hunt could have joined him as a Pro Bowl selection this year:

“I really wish he would have made it with me. I wish a lot of guys would have made it. I feel like we have a couple of guys who could have been in it. Kareem, I could see him being in it. He is an extremely talented and very special player. It would have been great for both of us to be in together.”

On if Hunt was overjoyed for him that he made the Pro Bowl:

“Yeah, he was.”

On how WR Jarvis Landry’s versatility and ability to move across the field in motion and in different positions impacts an opposing defense:

“I think it just messes with their eyes and gets eyes out of place and not really being in tune or not really expecting what is coming. I think that kind of helps.”

On if he believes Landry’s versatility and ability to move across the field in motion and in different positions helps open up things for him in the running game:

“Yeah, I do.”

On the impact of NY Jets DL Quinnen Williams being placed on IR:

“He is a great player. He is big, physical, smart and fast. He is a big part of their defense.”

On how G Nick Harris played last week, given G Wyatt Teller likely will be unavailable on Sunday:

“He played well. He has always shown me that he is a great player and can play at practice. It was only a matter of time before he had to start. Being in that situation not knowing what was coming next and being thrown in there like he was, I thought he handled it pretty well.”

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