RB Nick Chubb (12.20.22)


On the weather forecast for Saturday’s game:

“It is what it is. Can’t do anything about it. We are preparing for whatever so we will be ready.”


On how he can prepare for a cold weather game like expected on Saturday:

“I guess you really can’t honestly (laughter). It is what it is. Can’t do anything about it.”


On if the weather conditions are perfectly suited for the running game:

“I guess we will see.”


On if he still will be sleeveless during Saturday’s game, given he typically practices and plays without sleeves in cold conditions:

“Yeah, it wouldn’t change anything for me.”


On if it is more difficult to grip the football when playing in cold weather conditions:

“I don’t know. Guess we will find out Saturday.”


On experience during his first Northeast Ohio winters after joining the Browns:

“It was different. I feel like it hasn’t been as cold as it has been my first couple years here until this weekend. It was definitely different, but you get used to it or you find a way to adapt to it.”


On if he has ever played in a game as cold as expected on Saturday:

“I don’t think so.”


On if he thinks about the cold weather when on the field:

“Not at all. Not a big deal.”


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