RB Nick Chubb (12.2.20)

RB Nick Chubb:

On if this matchup against the Titans and Titans RB Derrick Henry has any extra meaning for him after Henry claimed the rushing title last season and he finished a close second:

“Not really. I have not really thought about it. I am not really focused on anything that has to do personally with me.”

On if he studies other NFL RBs, including Henry, and Henry’s strengths:

“I have checked him out a couple of times. He is a big, physical runner. He has great speed. He has great vision. He wears you down. He never stops. He runs very hard.”

On his, Henry’s and RB Kareem Hunt’s ability to get yards after contact:

“We are for the most part just hard, hard runners. We do not do a lot of dancing. Just kind of north-to-south guys, and I think that is why we have the missed tackles stats that we have.”

On if he knows Henry personally:

“I never really knew him, but I was always around him. I played against him when he was at Alabama and I was at Georgia one year. I had a chance to get to know him a little more last year at the Pro Bowl. He is a cool guy. I respect his game. He is very talented.”

On if it bothers him at all that he barely missed out on last year’s rushing title after Henry surpassed his total late in the final week of the season:

“A little bit, but it is nothing personal against him. It is more of just myself. I am not mad at Derrick Henry for getting the rushing title last year.”

On if he reviewed the Week 17 game film and missed opportunities to use as motivation during the offseason after barely missing out on the rushing title:

“No, I did not do that.”

On expectations for this week’s game to be a grind-it-out contest between the two teams and if he relishes that type of game:

“Who know what is going to happen? It is a long ways away. It is still Wednesday. We do expect it to be a physical game because they are a physical team. They are going to line up, you know they are going to run and they run it, and it is hard to stop. They are a great team. It definitely will be physical, but who knows exactly what will happen.”

On QB Baker Mayfield being self-critical following games:

“Baker is different. He will own up to things that he has not done well. Nobody has to say anything to him, and he will fix it himself in his mind of his own. We know that. We trust in that. He is hard on himself, but he wants to be great. He has a competitive nature. That is just who he is.”

On the most important stat for NFL RBs:

“I would say just total rushing yards.”

On if he has noticed opponents playing more people at the line of scrimmage with the success of the Browns running game:

“I have not really noticed it.”

On T Jack Conklin’s impact on the Browns offense:

“He is a great addition to this team. He is awesome. We love Jack here. He has been amazing for us. He is an amazing person, too. I love having him on this side of the ball with me.”

On if he senses this game will be a significant one for Conklin as Conklin goes back to Tennessee to play his former team:

“I am not sure. I have not really talked to him personally about that, but I am sure he will be excited about it.”

On what makes Conklin unique as a blocker:

“He is big and physical. He came from a team that was built on being physical. He still has that about him. He is a great guy. He is great at fundamentals. He is great at covering guys up and giving us clean reads. He has been great.”

On if Conklin has said anything to him about wanting to help him earn the rushing title this year:

“No, he has not.”

On if he views it as two versus one, specific to him and Hunt and Henry, given Mayfield sharing people may fail to mention Hunt when speaking about this week’s RB matchup:

“Kareem is great, too. He is just right there with us. I look at it that way.”

On the impact of DE Myles Garrett returning this week:

“That is huge. Myles is special. He is a great player, and we have missed him the last two weeks. It will be great having him back out there with us, and he can make some big plays for this team like he has done all season.”

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