RB Nick Chubb (12.16.20)

RB Nick Chubb:

On what makes RB Kareem Hunt such a good receiver and what he was thinking when he saw Hunt’s TD catch against the Ravens: 

“I saw what I see every day in practice just being around him every day. He is a great receiver. He has great hands and great feet. He can do anything that any of the receivers can do. He is a very talented and very special player. I knew it was a touchdown when he caught it and I saw him turn up the field. I knew he was going to get it in.”

On what has been clicking for QB Baker Mayfield: 

“He is playing great. As you can see, he has been playing great and the team is scoring like 40 points since he has been doing great. It shows that he is a huge part of this offense. We all go through him. As good as he is is as good as the team can be. He has been playing great for us. Happy to be here. I just see a lot of greatness. We all believed in him. He has shown it.”

On if there is another level to Mayfield’s confidence now that can spread throughout the team: 

“Yeah, for sure. When he is on like this, he does not miss. We all know that, and we all like that because we can’t get off the field when he is on like that – third down and fourth down he is going to make the perfect pass. I feel like the whole team sees that. We feel it, and it makes everyone play harder.”

On how much it helps when Mayfield is able to scramble: 

“It helps everything. Him being able to move around kind of gets the defense off balance not knowing if he is going to throw it or scramble, it kind of brings guys up to kind get him. He can throw it over their heads or if they back up, he can run for it. It keeps the defense off balance, and it works well for us.”

On if he ever gives Mayfield grief for how he is as a runner, given Mayfield claims to be not the fastest player: 

“I do not know. On the long runs, he is hitting 19 miles per hour. Pretty fast.”

On how he has improved as a runner in his three seasons in the NFL: 

“Probably being more patient. I know my first couple of years I always wanted to carry everything full speed at 100 miles an hour. (Run game coordinator/running backs coach) Coach Stump (Mitchell) has really slowed me down and kind of taught me how to read things, how to see things and what the line is trying to do. I think that has slowed me down and made me a more patient back.”

On the sense of urgency and mood among the team right now: 

“Take it one week at a time, one game at a time. We have the Giants this week so that is our only focus right now is going there and playing the Giants.”

On how important Gs Joel Bitonio and Wyatt Teller are to the success of the Browns running game: 

“They are a huge part of this running game. Those guys do a great job coming with their blocks, moving guys out of the way and being physical. The offense goes through the line, but those two are a really big part of this offense.”

On if he is ever surprised by how quickly Bitonio and Teller get out in front of him on runs: 

“No, I am never surprised at all. I count on seeing those guys out there in front of me.”

On the NY Giants run defense: 

“They play hard. They are very physical, a very physical bunch. They play extremely hard. They play for each other. They are a great team. No matter what their record says, they are a great team and they fight hard every play.”

On how much he notices NY Giants S Jabrill Peppers’ impact on defense: 

“I notice him a lot. I know from him being here that he is scrappy, he is physical and        he plays extremely hard. He is always near the ball.”

On if the NY Giants’ win over the Seahawks and four-game winning streak shows the Browns that they will have a tough challenge this week, despite the NY Giants’ current record: 

“It definitely shows that they are a good team going and beating the Seahawks. That is another great team that they beat so it says a lot about them and who they are. It will be a challenge for us, but we are ready.”

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