RB Nick Chubb (11.3.21)

On if he was 100 percent healthy last week and if the Steelers did anything specific to limit the Browns running game:

“Yeah, I think they just had a great plan, and they executed well. They outplayed us.”


On how he felt physically after the game:

“I felt good.”


On if he felt totally like himself after missing time due to the calf injury:

“I felt good. It is not the first time I only had 60 yards.”


On sticking to the run game versus throwing the ball more when opponents stack the box against the Browns:

“I think we have to stick to what we do best. Right now over the years, it has been the running game. It is our bread and butter so no matter what the throw at us, we should be able to move the ball no matter what. We were not able to on Sunday. I think we have to do a lot of things better as a team, as a running team and everybody as a whole. I feel like I did not do enough. I know guys feel like they did not do enough. It is just on us to make sure we get things changed and run the ball better.”


On the vibe around the team right now, given potential distractions:

“I think the vibe is still pretty good. We are not distracted at all. We are not paying attention to much that is going on. We are focused on Cincinnati and trying to get back in the race.”


On if there is a deeper sense of urgency for the Browns as a 4-4 team:

“That is how it is every week. Every week, you want to go in, want to win and have a sense of urgency about yourself. Yeah, we are not in the best spot right now, but we still have everything ahead of us. Starting today, go out, have a great practice and have a good game on Sunday.”